Close the loop between marketing and revenue

Automatically tie revenue back to your campaigns and channels via marketing attribution. Spend less time juggling reports, and more time optimising your outputs and your budget.

Companies making more of their data with Ruler

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Automatically reveal which marketing channels drive the best leads

Ruler Analytics makes it easy to track customer journeys and match closed revenue to the source.
Make data-driven decisions by integrating your website, your CRM and your marketing apps to view the data you need, where you need it most.

Lead Management


Track calls, forms, live chat and touchpoints

Track every click, call and conversation driven to your website automatically through our forms, live chat and call tracking integrations.

Marketing Effectiveness


Prove your marketing is impacting your sales

Link your marketing touchpoints to clicks, leads and sales to prove what does and doesn't work.

Data-driven Decisions


Make data-driven decisions to impact growth

Gain clarity on how high quality leads behave to help optimise campaigns based on value driven metrics.

Give your marketing data a new lease of life

Your data’s out there, it’s just disconnected. And it leaves you unable to understand which channels are driving new leads or identify which leads go on to become sales.

Ruler's marketing attribution software allows you to connect the data from your leads to your CRM and analytics tools.
Lead by source Ruler Analytics

What else can Ruler do?

Ruler tracks every touchpoint, interaction and conversion like magic

Lead Tracking

Understand your true lead source

Say hello to lead source data and insight into which marketing channels, campaigns and keywords are influencing your leads.

Ruler Analytics customer journey report

Full Customer Journeys

Chart each and every action

See every step your leads take on their journey to becoming a sale.

You'll be able to evidence what works, and what doesn't.

Opportunity Reporting

Plot your sources by pipeline stage

View your opportunities by stage and filter them by which channels influenced their conversion.

It's the perfect data to help you separate a good lead from a bad one.

Attribution Modelling

Switch between model types for more data

Swap between attribution type so you can build your own reports to get the data you need most.

We don't just integrate with your tools,
we make them work better.

Get revenue data where you need it most, in over 1,000 apps
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Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Analytics

How does Ruler piece together your data?

Ruler allows you to track each and every lead and every interaction


Understand how marketing impacts your revenue

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Call Tracking

Find out which campaigns make your phone ring

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Form Tracking

Connect your form entries to your campaigns

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Live Chat Tracking

Learn what fuels your live chat sessions

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