How theEword Uses Ruler Analytics To Delight Their Clients [Case Study]

How theeword Uses Ruler Analytics To Delight Their Clients [Case Study] -

A few months ago, I was delighted to be introduced to a marketing agency I’d heard a lot about: theEword.

I was a fan of theirs and I’d previously spoken with one of their founders, Al Mackin, who was one of the few other SaaS aficionados building software in the North West of England.

Marketing agencies are our biggest customer segment at Ruler Analytics, and the pains they’re facing are almost always identical: it’s very difficult, but crucial, for marketing agencies to be able to prove the value of the services they’re providing to their clients.

It’s the exact reason why we built Ruler Analytics

But theEword was a unique challenge.

Like most agencies, they were struggling to get one of their clients to realise that inbound phone calls were the result of the agency’s marketing efforts.

According to Aisha Riaz, theEword’s Operations Director, “With digital, we need to show our clients the worth of everything we’re doing. But with content marketing and related services, it’s not always simple to track and report on important metrics.”

Where theEword differed from what we were familiar with is that the agency focuses primarily (though not exclusively) on marketing for the property and leisure industries. They offer a variety of services, including SEO, PPC, web development, and content marketing, each with the goal of: increasing the number of in-person visitors to local businesses, increasing footfall to tourist attractions or filling tenancy positions for property groups.

With many analytics tools, proving the connection between digital traffic and in-person traffic can be difficult. But for a sophisticated agency like theEword, making that connection is crucial.

Ruler Analytics call tracking seemed like a promising solution.

“One of the reasons we switched to Ruler Analytics was because of the client services side of things. We’ve worked with similar tools before, but our experience wasn’t great. Ruler Analytics allows us to go to the client and show exactly how much business we’ve brought in and where it’s coming from. It’s invaluable to us.”


How Do theEword Delight Clients?

For theEword, work is composed of campaigns and initiatives designed to drive in-person visits to local businesses from residents of or visitors to a specific area—tourists, for example.

How theEword Uses Ruler Analytics To Delight Their Clients [Case Study] -

They focus on using tactics like localised SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, and social media marketing to increase visitors to restaurants, tourist attractions, and events.

If reservations, product sales, or ticket purchases can be completed online, it’s simple to track those leads/conversions with general analytics tools.

However, many people choose to perform these tasks by phone—or to make other inquiries that suggest they intend to patronise the business.

When reservations are made, tickets are purchased, or hours of operation are requested by phone, most marketing agencies can struggle to attribute those leads and sales back to the campaigns that generated them. This leads to inaccurate reporting that can damage agency relationships with clients.

If clients are unable to see the full picture of how many inquiries, sales, and reservations are being made, marketing agencies may struggle to prove their value and suffer from low client retention rates.


Enabling Effective Client/Agency Reporting

When transactions occur primarily online, agencies can simply provide their clients with a number of individuals who, for example, entered from a blog post and filled out a lead-capture form, or entered from a search ad and made a purchase.

This is more difficult when the goal of digital marketing is to drive in-person visits.

How do you prove that a piece of online content, a visit from organic search, or a click on an ad drove an individual to ultimately visit an establishment?

With Ruler Analytics call tracking, the number of incoming calls can be attributed directly back to the source campaign.

How theEword Uses Ruler Analytics To Delight Their Clients [Case Study] -

Marketing agencies can see which campaigns are driving the most phone calls, and phone calls can even be recorded to identify the intent of the call.

If the intent of the call was to make a reservation or purchase tickets, then the source and campaigns can be attributed directly to generated revenue.

This provides detailed reporting on how many leads agency campaigns are generating, and how many of those leads turn into sales.

For marketing agencies, showing how agency efforts and services have led to increased in-person traffic is crucial to proving the value of the services your agency provides.

Ruler Analytics simplifies the process of attributing calls, ticket purchases, and reservations back to the campaigns that drove them, allowing marketing agencies to highlight the outcome of their efforts.


Additional Benefits of Tracking Online Marketing with Ruler Analytics

For theEword, the ability to provide enhanced reporting to clients has been just one benefit of adopting Ruler Analytics. When speaking with Aisha Riaz, she mentioned three other major advantages: price, service, and ease of use.

  • Price: “In terms of price, Ruler Analytics is a lot cheaper than its competitors, which is obviously a good thing. But even if the price was the same or more expensive than other products, we’d go with Ruler Analytics. We’ve learned that you shouldn’t compromise on quality and service.”
  • Service: “For someone who isn’t technical the concept can go way over their head. But I can call the team at Ruler Analytics anytime and they’ll put it in layman’s terms for me—explain it very clearly. I think it’s also brilliant because the directors are open and willing to spend the time needed. You don’t get that with a lot of businesses, so I think just the personable side of the business is perfect.”
  • Ease of Use: “Ruler Analytics is really easy to use. Our client who’s using it has said so readily on the phone—she’s in the dashboard all the time because she loves using it. It’s clear, and if you need any help there are people on hand to help you straightaway and answer any of your questions.

In the end, though, Aisha Riaz believes that the biggest benefit they’ve seen since implementing Ruler Analytics is the ability to provide detailed reports to clients. “It really shows you the value of what you’re doing in terms of marketing,” she says.


Getting Started with Marketing Agency Analytics

As told by theEword, Ruler Analytics can really help build strong relationships between clients and their local marketing agencies.

By providing a means of connecting leads and sales—those that happen both online and over the phone—back to the specific campaigns that generated them, marketing agencies can prove their value more clearly than ever before, strengthen client relationships, and improve client service.


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Director at Ruler Analytics with a background in online marketing, lead generation and analytics. Ian’s role includes designing automated workflows and integrations to help clients attribute the marketing effectively