Measure Your Content Marketing ROI with Analytics and Call Tracking

Measure your content marketing ROI with analytics and call tracking -

Content marketing is a big business. It is now used by 93% of all marketers as a means of generating leads and increasing revenue.

74 of companies say that content marketing has increased both the quantity and quality of their leads, while 95% of B2B buyers now consider content as a trustworthy source when making purchase decisions. These statistics make it clear why it’s a channel that all marketers should be tapping into.

However, how do you determine its success? It’s easy for businesses to get distracted by vanity metrics, such as how many hits, social shares and retweets their blog posts are getting.

These metrics can be useful in gauging what your audience thinks of your content, and to that extent, they can inform the rest of your marketing strategy. However, this data won’t give you the facts and figures to calculate the ROI of your content marketing campaigns.


The Importance of ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is the amount of money an advertising campaign has generated once the cost of the campaign has been subtracted. For any CEO, this is the only thing that matters. If they aren’t seeing a financial return, they won’t be willing to allocate more budget to content marketing in the future.

Marketers need a way of proving how content is impacting lead generation and how these leads are translating into revenue. So how can you prove this?


The Challenges of Measuring Your Content Marketing ROI

Marketers and business owners alike struggle to calculate the true ROI of content marketing campaigns, as it requires access to a wide variety of metrics to determine how many leads a campaign has generated.

Platforms such as Google Analytics can be helpful to a degree, as they can show you how much traffic your content is getting and what the sources of that traffic are; for example, Twitter or LinkedIn.

However, this is not where the visitor journey ends, so it should not be where your information ends, either.

Marketers need to know what actions people are taking once the content has been read – in short, how many conversions it has created.

Extracting this information can give marketers a much clearer idea of the true ROI of their content marketing, but this can only be achieved by tracking website visitors individually.

Then there is the issue of telephone leads. Your content marketing could be generating the majority of your inbound leads; but unless you have a way of linking each telephone call with the online source that caused it, this will be impossible to prove.


The Solution Lies in Visitor Level Analytics and Call Tracking

Visitor level analytics allow you to see exactly which page of your website each visitor landed on, what page they converted on, and any other pages they looked at in between.

This not only offers you proof of your content marketing’s success but also provides a real insight into the performance of your website as a whole, allowing you to make any necessary improvements to increase your ROI.

With call tracking and DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) software, you have the ability to link a unique number to each specific visitor, enabling you to trace the journey that led them to make their call; for example, reading one of your blog posts.

This offers you the conclusive proof you need that your content marketing is generating leads and revenue for your company.


Ruler Analytics can help

Ruler Analytics offers a complete solution that can give you all the metrics you need to prove the ROI of your content marketing campaigns.

It tracks online leads to the original source of their journey, allowing you to see exactly which campaign each visitor saw that led them to your website, and which pages of your site they visited before converting.

Ruler’s Call Tracking solution completes the picture. By using DNI technology to generate a unique number for every visitor, it enables you to prove exactly which of your marketing efforts are generating your inbound telephone leads.

Local, premium rate and toll-free numbers are available to best suit the purpose of your marketing and your target audience, and the Advance Reporting feature provides you with vital information including the geographic location of callers and what device and browser they used, giving you all the information you need to target your content marketing to best effect in the future.

The difficulties of proving your content marketing ROI can be a thing of the past with Ruler Analytics. If you would like to see for yourself the benefits it could bring to your company, please call our team to book your FREE demo today.


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