How Ruler Analytics can help with your Outreach Marketing

How Ruler Analytics can help with your outreach marketing -

Rather than explicitly telling your clients and customers what to buy via sales pitches and advertisements, a number of businesses are adopting outreach marketing instead. By reaching out to consumers and discovering what they really want, any organisation has the ability to not only develop more effective campaigns, but also improve reputations among audiences, as outreach marketing shows you really care about individual opinion.

But in order to be successful with this promotional practice, you will need accurate and actionable data about your target market. After all, this is the fundamental building block of outreach marketing, which every subsequent decision will be based on. But how do you go about collecting and collating information about your audience? With Ruler Analytics, it is easier than you think, regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C organisation.


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Find out what Companies are Visiting your Site

As opposed to other software suites, Ruler Analytics goes further when it comes to identifying inbound traffic. With our Recent Companies feature, you can discover what organisations have visited your website as well as the pages they looked at.

For the purposes of outreach marketing, this can enable you to follow members of staff on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. From there, you can build strong relationships and seek out potential leads.

In addition to outreach marketing, the Recent Companies feature can also help to target organisations that didn’t covert on your website and validate campaigns based on relevancy and quality.


Identify where each Visitor is from

Delve into Visitor Detail on Ruler Analytics and you will be greeted with an abundance of information about each and every user that has visited your site. This is particularly interesting in terms of location, as it can markedly boost your outreach marketing efforts.

If it becomes apparent that valuable visitors are from a specific region, you could use this data to connect with more people in that area or even implement a local PPC or SEO campaign.

Your target market is much more likely to think highly of marketing materials that have been developed with their regional preferences in mind than that of a large scale multinational corporation.


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