Ruler Analytics: All you need to know about Google 360 Suite

all you need to know about Google 360 suite -

Despite Introducing Six ‘new’ Products, this Enterprise-Level Version of Google Analytics still has its Shortcomings


Google recently unveiled Analytics 360; a suite of six new products designed for enterprise-level companies wanting to bring simplicity to “the often laborious work of unifying and syndicating marketing and advertising data across channels,” according to Search Engine Land.

But before you get excited about Google’s latest analytics offering, it is important to note that the 360 suite’s key features aren’t particularly revolutionary, as several platforms already provide the same functionality. What’s more, Google Analytics 360 is somewhat of a rebrand of the search engine giant’s existing products and services.


Ruler Analytics: all you need to know about Google 360 suite - www.ruleranalytics.comSource: Google Analytics Blog

What’s New?

Google claims it has developed six new products with Analytics 360. However, two of the suite’s offerings are rebrands of current capabilities.

  • Rebranded products: Analytics 360, Attribution 360
  • New products: Tag Manager 360, Data Studio 360, Optimise 360, Audience Centre 360

These products are currently only available to premium customers as they undergo beta testing. This is when software is pre-released to a majority group of users to try and test in real conditions.

In many respects, software that undergoes beta testing won’t change much to the public version. However, it gives developers and in this case Google an idea of how their software looks, feels, and functions while also providing insight into any issues or errors.


Rebranded Products

  • Google Analytics 360: Or in other words, Google Analytics Premium, which is an enterprise level tool for large companies. Google Analytics 360 has the same functionality as Google Analytics Premium, but with a few added features that will be explained further on in this article.
  • Google Attribution 360 – This is simply an updated version of Adometry, which Google acquired back in 2014. Google Attribution 360 is more advanced than other attribution tools as it pulls in outside information such as views, click throughs, and TV analysis.

Along with other parts of the 360 suite, both Analytics and Attribution will remain separate products so they can be added as and when required.


New Products

After years in the making, these products have finally been completed and released by Google. They will go head-to-head with existing products on the market provided by Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce to name a few.

  • Tag Manager 360: Although similar to the existing Tag Manager used by ‘freemium’ customers, this updated version offers more guarantees including a reliable uptime, service level agreements, and a different interface. In case you don’t know what Tag Manager does, it makes it easier to tag your website to collect information about users and their interactions.
  • Optimis
    e 360 (beta):
     This A/B split testing, stand-alone tool allows you to test and personalise multiple variations of a landing page. All the while, you can track the performance of each and every one in the hope of identifying a winning variation. Optimise 360 ties in with the Audience Centre 360 as well as DoubleClick and AdWords.
  • Audience Centre 360 (beta): This Data Management Platform (DMP) works with DoubleClick to bring all your data together, which can include analytics, search, display, email, social, and CRM. You will get automatic access to the proprietary data of Google and more than 50 other third-party providers too. As a result, you can better understand who your most valuable customers are across various channels like PPC and SEO.
  • Data Studio (beta): This brand new product is a data and visualisation tool, which enables you to take everything that happens in your suite and turn it into a dashboard complete with easy to understand metrics.


Who can and will use Google Analytics 360?

Seeing as Google Analytics 360 is an enterprise class tool from enterprise users, it is not suitable for small to medium sized businesses. While the standard version of Google Analytics is available for free, it hasn’t witnessed any of these changes.

At this moment in time, you must be a premium user or invited by Google to use Analytics 360. Therefore, you might want to explore alternative analytics platforms.


How Does Ruler Analytics Compare to Google 360?

According to a study commissioned by Forrester research, Google wanted to understand what today’s marketers were struggling with the most. The results found that a marketer’s success is heavily dependent on their ability to integrate analytics into other advertising and marketing software.

This is something that Google Analytics 360 has now introduced. However, our solution here at Ruler Analytics has been able to do this for a while now with the help of Zapier.

In fact, Ruler Analytics can be integrated with more than 500 different services through Zapier, enabling you to automate various tasks and receive immediate notifications about conversions. We recently wrote a blog post on how Ruler Analytics works with Zapier, so check it out to learn more.



Ruler Analytics is also a people-based platform, which means unlike Data Studio 360, we monitor visitors on an individual level rather than simply providing a general overview. This completely separates us from Google Analytics 360 while giving Ruler Analytics users the upper hand.

By monitoring individual journeys, we are able to tell you how specific users found your site, what pages they looked at, the behaviour that led up to a conversion, and whether or not the visitor returned. So, in spite of the brand new features of Google Analytics 360, it still takes a more session-based approach, which doesn’t explore the nitty gritty of website visitor data.


Ruler Analytics: all you need to know about Google 360 suite -


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