Tracking Users Journey from Email products such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor using Ruler Analytics

tracking users journey from email products such as mailchimp or campaign monitor using Ruler Analytics -

The Problem 

Email products such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor allow you to see which users have opened your e-mail campaigns as well as other metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, location etc. This is useful but it doesn’t allow you to see what pages the user goes on to look at, if they have previously visited or if they visit again in the future.

The Solution

Ruler Analytics solves this problem by allowing you see the journey of each individual visitor through your website showing you the pages they look at over multiple sessions and if they take any actions including filling out forms or making a phone call.

How it works

Ruler automatically tracks the journeys of users and captures the actions they take. In order to identify them, you need to use the e-mail mail merge functionality to pass their name or e-mail address through in link they click. To do this you might construct the link like the below and Ruler Analytics will do the rest – your customers will appear in Ruler Analytics reporting along with their journeys.

Example Mail Chimp Link*|EMAIL|*

Example Campaign Monitor Link[email]

Other Products

This will work with any e-mail product, you just need to add their specific e-mail mail merge field.


This solution allows you to gain more insight into the behaviour of your users and what e-mails trigger them to look at as well as tracking e-mails through to form conversions and phone calls at a visitor level.

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Director at Ruler Analytics with a background in online marketing, lead generation and analytics. Ian’s role includes designing automated workflows and integrations to help clients attribute the marketing effectively