3 Call Tracking Mistakes that are Harming Your PPC Campaign

3 call tracking mistakes that are harming your PPC campaign - www.ruleranalytics.com

If you use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to market your business, you need some way of analysing the success of your campaigns.

Many marketers use a form of call tracking, but not all call tracking solutions are the same. Here we take a look at three of the main pitfalls of not using call tracking properly, and how they can harm your PPC efforts.


Ignoring Calls made from the Landing Page

Google Analytics offers Call Forwarding as a means of tracking calls; it’s a solution that many people currently use.

However, if this is the call tracking method you’re using, you may not know that it only records telephone calls made from either a call extension or a call-only ad. Using this system will only give you half the picture.

While many people do call businesses directly from ads, there are still a great many who click through to the landing page first before they make a call.

If these calls are not being taken into account, you won’t be able to calculate the true ROI of your marketing activities, and you may find yourself abandoning marketing channels that were actually driving a lot of conversions.

In addition, tracking calls made from your landing page can show you how successful your landing page at persuading visitors to call your business, allowing you to make any necessary alterations to your website to drive more conversions.


Counting all Calls as Conversions

In today’s online culture, counting call numbers and defining high numbers as success is simply not good enough.

These days success is measurable more by the quality of your leads than their quantity. Counting the calls you receive offers you very little insight into the success of your marketing activity, as not all the calls generated by your PPC or SEO ads can actually be counted as leads.

Paid advertising online tends to attract a lot of other calls such as customer support calls and cold calls from other businesses with something to sell. Unless you are tracking your calls individually, you will have no means of separating these calls from the ones that have actually generated returns for your business.

Without this information, you don’t have any means of calculating the true ROI of your marketing campaigns, and you won’t be able to allocate your budget effectively or make any necessary changes to your future marketing activities.


Not Optimising Keywords Based on Call Conversions

In order to get the most out of your PPC, and in turn, SEO campaigns, it’s necessary to track which keywords are driving the most calls and online engagement constantly.

By understanding which keywords your leads have searched for in order to bring them to your website, you can then use this information to influence your keyword bids and optimise your marketing campaigns. This will gain you higher search engine rankings, which is vital if you’re spending money on PPC.

The higher your position, the more traffic will be driven your way; it’s self-perpetuating, but it requires you to be able to track your calls at keyword level and then utilise this information in your marketing activities to achieve the best possible results.


The Solution

In order to avoid encountering any of these problems, you need to be able to track calls on an individual level. This gives you access to vital information including:

  • Which ad campaign each visitor clicked on to bring them to your site
  • Which keywords they used in an organic search
  • Which pages of your website they visited before they decided to make a call.

If you have this information to hand, you can calculate the true ROI of each of your marketing activities, so you can allocate your budget more effectively. It also allows you to adjust your marketing efforts so they can yield better results.

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology to give you the solutions to all these problems. It does this by generating a unique number for each visitor to your website. By tracking this number, you can see the entire journey that led them to call you, providing you with all the information you need.

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking also includes Call Recording, which will enable you to determine the quality of each lead rather than just the quantity.


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