5 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Need Call Tracking

5 reasons why marketing agencies need call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com

As a marketing agency, you know that client expectations are high. They hire you to deliver the best possible results, and it’s your performance that separates you from the rest. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to provide your clients with the positive proof they need that your efforts are paying off.


Why Marketing Agencies Benefit From Call Tracking

Previously, one of the biggest problems faced by marketers has been the ability to prove which campaigns were generating telephone leads, but fortunately call tracking solves this problem.

Ruler Analytics, in particular, uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology, which generates a unique phone number for each campaign or website visitor, allowing marketers to track which keywords led them to a website whether it be an organic or paid search.

Below are five ways marketing agencies can benefit from this technology, and why it’s crucial for agencies to incorporate call tracking into their business strategies.


Demonstrate your worth

A big problem agencies face is that they struggle to demonstrate how their efforts are generating those all-important leads over the phone. Call tracking provides the actual data you need by being able to trace the caller back to a specific source.

At Ruler Analytics, our call tracking system provides a unique number for each visitor, enabling their interactions to be recorded from keyword level.

This means you have access to the exact keywords they used in their search, what pages of your website they looked at, and whether or not they actually made a phone call, allowing you to provide your clients with the proof that your efforts are paying off for them.


Upgrade your Existing Services

At Ruler Analytics, we enjoy close working relationships with other leading marketing agencies throughout the UK, and as a result of this, we have been able to see how our products can be of immense benefit to other marketing professionals.

This is why we now offer a special package for marketing agencies who want to offer the benefits of call tracking to their customers. Not only will Ruler Analytics provide your agency with a unique selling point, but also allows your customers to see first-hand how well their campaigns are performing.


Increase your own ROI

As a marketing agency, you’re all about increasing the ROI for your customers. However, it’s important that you remember to focus on your own business, too. Call tracking will enable you to find out which are your most profitable marketing channels, and which keywords are generating website visits and leads.

This insight can then be used to inform all your marketing efforts in the future, allowing you to get the most from your own marketing.


Optimise your budget

If you’re providing PPC or SEO services, budgets are often tight, but expectations are still high. Visitor level analytics such as call tracking allows you to delve deeper into your marketing campaigns and discover which campaigns are failing to generate the expected returns.

This enables you to stop wasting money on under-performing platforms, and utilise this spend to better effect on campaigns that consistently generate higher returns.


Integrated analytics

At Ruler Analytics, we have created call tracking software that can easily be integrated with your desired CRM, enabling you to see and understand your call data in context. You can find out more about our integration features here.



Modern technology has become so much a part of all our lives that it’s easy to forget the power of the humble telephone in this age of emails, instant messaging and live chat. However, phone calls are still as important as ever for many businesses when it comes to lead generation.

Call tracking enables you to implement marketing strategies that will generate the most phone calls, both for you and your clients, and also gives you the ability to provide absolute proof that your marketing efforts are causing their phones to ring.

By being able to demonstrate that your campaigns are integrating telephone leads into the rest of your customers’ businesses, you are able to provide a truly comprehensive service that will keep you ahead of the pack.

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