6 ways Call Tracking can Benefit your PPC Campaign

6 ways call tracking can benefit your PPC campaign - www.ruleranalytics.com

Pay Per Click has been the subject of a lot of debate in recent years, with some questioning its relevance. However, it is a highly beneficial marketing activity, especially if your company generates a lot of telephone leads.

52% of people who click on a PPC ad will call the advertiser; that’s a lot of business worth having. Marketing experts continue to agree that PPC has a vital place in a company’s marketing activity.

As Peep Laja, founder of the optimisation blog Conversion XL, says, “If you’re not using PPC, you’re making a conscious decision to not use all the channels at your disposal.” And if you want to maximise the benefits of your campaigns, PPC Call Tracking is an essential tool.


How does Call Tracking work?

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking works using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology.

This generates a unique telephone number for each visitor to your website, which is what the caller sees and dials instead of the main number of your business. Calls still come through to your business.

However, by tracking this unique phone number, Ruler Analytics Call Tracking can provide you with vital information such as which of your marketing campaigns the caller saw, which keywords were used in an organic search, and which pages of your website they looked at before they made the call.


How can PPC Call Tracking Benefit your Business?

PPC Call Tracking can provide a wide range of benefits for your business and can increase the effectiveness of all your marketing activity, not just PPC. It does this through allowing you to:


Effectively Track Phone Calls from PPC and other Marketing Channels

Through tracking the unique phone number generated by each visitor, Call Tracking can tell you which campaign they clicked on to lead them to your site, such as PPC, SEO or Social Media. This shows you how much interest is being generated by each of your marketing activities, highlighting which areas to concentrate on more heavily.


Discover which Keywords were used During a Search

If a visitor found your website through an organic search rather than an ad campaign, Call Tracking enables you to determine which keywords they used in their search.

This information will allow you to target your PPC and SEO marketing campaigns more effectively towards your target audience.


Use Local, Toll-Free and Premium Numbers

Free numbers are useful if you’re trying to generate a high volume of calls very quickly such as for a special offer or promotion.

Premium numbers are often more suitable for larger companies as they give the impression of a company that operates on a national scale. Ruler Analytics Call Tracking allows you to generate the type of phone number that is most suitable for your purpose.


Increase ROI

For your marketing to perform as efficiently as possible it has to yield the maximum Return On Investment (ROI). By enabling you to see which campaigns are performing the best, PPC Call Tracking allows you to target your marketing activity more effectively, increasing the ROI of your campaigns and allowing you to allocate your budgets to your best advantage.


See which Pages are Generating the Most Calls

Your website is probably your most important marketing tool, and each page has to be doing its job in terms of generating interest in your company.

Call Tracking can show you which pages are performing the best, allowing you to make changes to your website so it can generate as much business as possible.


Record and Play Back Calls

Recording and listening back to calls allows you to build up demographic pictures of your target audience and their preferences, so you can focus your business on those most likely to use it.

Recording calls also allows you to see the level of service your staff are providing and can be very useful for training purposes.


How Ruler Analytics Call Tracking can Help your Business

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking offers all these features, plus Ruler Re-Provided.

The first software of its kind, this overrides Google’s “Not Provided”, in order for you to get back vital data about which keywords your customers are searching for.

To learn more about the many ways in which Ruler Analytics can benefit your business, please give us a call.







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