9 Types of Businesses that need Call Tracking

9 types of businesses that need call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com

Whatever your industry, if your business generates many of its leads over the telephone, you could benefit from call tracking.

Call tracking has been proven to increase conversions and lower CPA, especially as inbound callers are 10 to 15 times more likely to convert than web leads. Many people still prefer to talk to a real person rather than filling in their details online.

Call tracking is becoming more important than ever before, due to the rise of mobile searches and click-to-call, with 70% of mobile searchers now calling a business directly from search results. Phone calls are still the leader driver for PPC campaigns.

So how do you know where your telephone leads are coming from, and how would that information be useful to you?

Here we take a look at some of the types of businesses that can benefit from call tracking, and how it could help them.



Law firms have a tough time when it comes to online advertising. It is such a competitive category that keywords relating to legal services, such as “lawyer”, are the most expensive keywords on search engines.

As a result of this, it’s vital for law firms to be able to prove the ROI of their PPC and SEO campaigns to justify spend.

Call tracking enables you to see exactly how many of your calls are being generated by which online campaigns, enabling you to get the best returns from your marketing.


Marketing Agencies

The most important thing for marketing agencies is measuring and being able to prove the efficacy of their campaigns to their clients. Historically, this has been difficult to do.

Call tracking provides the definitive proof your clients are looking for – that your PPC and SEO work is paying off.

Call tracking also allows you to upgrade your services by offering call tracking as part of your package, giving you a USP that will keep you ahead of the competition.


Real Estate

It’s common sense for estate agents to advertise online. But how many sales are you likely to make directly from your website? People are not going to “click buy” something as important and expensive as property; they will make a phone call to arrange to meet you and see it for themselves.

This makes call tracking an essential tool for real estate agencies as it enables you to see which of your online marketing efforts are generating the most phone calls.


Dental and Cosmetic Surgery

In an emergency, people are likely to telephone a dentist rather than calling into the surgery to see if there’s an appointment.

Call tracking will allow you to determine not only how your patients found you, but also how wide a geographical area they are coming from.

For cosmetic surgery clinics, the same applies; a lead will need to speak to someone to discuss their individual requirements and arrange a consultation, especially as many people choosing cosmetic surgery are sensitive about it and will not want to provide that information online.


Home Services

If your business offers any kind of home improvement services, including plumbing, painting, cleaning, landscaping, window and door installation or any other home-related service, call tracking is essential.

For example, if a customer has a leak, they’re much more likely to telephone plumbers rather than filling in a form online and hoping someone emails them back.

The home services category is a highly competitive one on Google and it is therefore difficult to achieve top rankings.

Call tracking gives you the ability to listen back to your calls to establish the reasons why people are calling your business, so you can target your online marketing more efficiently.


Hospitality/ Hotels

Many hotel businesses now provide online booking services. However, there are still many customers who prefer the reassurance of actually speaking to someone to ensure their reservation has been made. This is why telephone calls remain the biggest driver for hotel bookings.

This applies throughout the travel industry, whether you’re providing package holidays or specialist niche excursions.

Call tracking is vital as it enables you to understand what people want from your services and therefore give you a better insight into your target market.


Mortgage and Loan Providers

Naturally, many people are reluctant to enter personal or financial information online, yet providing this information is an essential part of being approved for a loan or mortgage.

Therefore many of your leads are likely to come in by telephone.

Call tracking will enable you to see how they found you and which pages of your website they visited, informing you exactly how much information they had about your company before they chose to make the call.


So what can you do to track calls?

Ruler Analytics’ call tracking system works by overriding the phone number on your website and replacing it with a unique number for each individual.


9 ways small businesses can benefit from call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com


When the caller dials the number they see, it still goes through to your original phone number, be it a landline or mobile.

By tracking that individual number, Ruler Analytics can show you which ad campaign that person clicked on, or which keywords they searched for, as well as which pages of your website they looked at before they made their call, all vital information for getting the best returns out of your marketing efforts.

Ruler Analytics is currently offering a demo, accompanied by a FREE 30-day trial, so you can experience the benefits of call tracking and Ruler’s other features for yourself.

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