The Do’s and Don’ts of Call Tracking

The do's and don'ts of call tracking -

If you market your business online and generate a lot of leads via telephone, you should be using call tracking.

It’s rapidly becoming more popular with marketers as it closes the gap between your marketing efforts and the leads they generate, allowing you to calculate the true ROI of your PPC and SEO campaigns by revealing the sources of your offline conversions.

This can save you money and maximise your profits by making sure your marketing efforts are being targeted in the right places.

However, if call tracking is handled incorrectly it can potentially harm your SEO efforts instead of benefiting them. That’s why Ruler Analytics has put together this guide, to ensure you’re making your call tracking work for you.


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Do use DNI

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is the technology that makes the difference when it comes to call tracking services. It works by generating a unique number for each visitor to your website.

By tracking this number, DNI allows you to determine which ad campaign each visitor saw, such as PPC, SEO or Social Media, or which keywords they used in an organic search.

This information is vital in calculating the success of each of your marketing activities.


Do use Call Recording

Call Recording is an ideal way of examining the quality of the leads you’re generating and obtaining some of the data essential for calculating your ROI. It can also allow you to monitor the quality of customer service your company is providing and how well you are meeting customer needs and is highly useful for staff training purposes.


Don’t use Unique Numbers on Online Directories

This will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings as search engine bots use NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) as a means of determining your ranking. If these change regularly, the search engines suspect you’re not a legitimate business, so they will rank you much lower.

DNI solves this problem by using a JavaScript code that displays a unique number to each caller but ensures that the default phone number for your business is hard coded into your website, so it remains constant as far as the search engines’ bots are concerned.

This allows you to advertise the main telephone number for your business on online directories, while still generating unique numbers for visitors, so you can track calls without affecting your search engine rankings.


Don’t Ignore Calls Made from the Landing Page

On average, 70% of customers will have used the “click to call” button on a paid search ad; however, in order to calculate the true ROI of your campaigns, you need to gather as much data as possible, including tracking calls generated by your landing page.


Don’t Count All Calls as Conversions

You can gain very little insight into the success of your marketing activity by simply counting the calls you receive, as not all calls generated by PPC or SEO campaigns can count as leads. Online advertising attracts a lot of cold calls and customer support calls.

It’s vital that you’re tracking your call properly in order to separate these from the calls that have generated results for your business.


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What can you do to Ensure you’re using Call Tracking Correctly?

Ruler Analytics offers a complete, easy and safe call tracking solution, giving you all the information you need to boost your marketing efforts without harming them in any way. Ruler’s features include:

  • DNI Technology, which will generate a unique number for each visitor to your website while keeping the main phone number for your business visible for online directories and search engine rankings.
  • Call Recording, enabling you to assess the quality of the leads you’re generating and other vital information, allowing you to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Access to essential data such as which ad campaign generated each call, which keywords were used in organic searches, and which pages of your website each caller visited.

Ruler Analytics can also provide you with a wealth of additional solutions such as Ruler Re-Provided, which overrides Google’s “Not Provided”.


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