Offline Conversion Tracking – How To Calculate The True ROI Of Your PPC Campaign

how to calculate the true roi of your ppc campaign -

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a vital element in any marketing campaign, as it can inform your entire marketing strategy in a variety of different ways.

For a start, it’s a great way of determining your target market, as statistics show that for consumers looking to buy a specific product, paid ads get 65% of all clicks, with visitors from PPC sources 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors to your site. PPC campaigns can also increase your brand awareness by 80%.

According to paid search expert Matt Hessler, “There’s no substitute for the ability to market to a user who is searching for your exact product.”


Vital Information for Your Marketing Strategy

In comparison with other forms of targeted advertising, PPC shows results much faster, so it can be a highly useful early indicator of the levels of interest you can expect to see from a particular product or campaign.

PPC also allows you to target specific demographics that are likely to be interested in your product, as you choose the keywords that will result in your ad being shown at the top of a Google results page.

Not only is this great for your business as an ad in the first position has an average click-through rate of more than 7%, but it also allows you to monitor which keywords are bringing in the most business, the information you can then put to good use in the rest of your marketing strategy.

As Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge, explains: “There is no channel other than PPC that can give you reach, scale, control and consistent results day-over-day like paid search.”


Complications with Tracking PPC Conversions

All this evidence clearly illustrates how relevant PPC is as a marketing channel; it delivers quick results and provides you with information that will help you maximise the rest of your marketing strategy. But how do you actually determine how well it’s working for you?

The main problem with PPC has always been proving its effectiveness in quantifiable terms.

With no way of linking telephone leads back to their original source, marketers have had great trouble calculating the true ROI of PPC campaigns, as they haven’t been able to prove which conversions were generated by their paid ads. However, there is now a solution to this problem, thanks to Ruler Analytics.


A New Solution

Ruler Analytics enables you to trace your web and telephone leads back to their original source, by tracking the visitors to your site on an individual level.

This means that not only can you monitor each of your visitors to their exact source (such as a PPC or SEO campaign), but you can also track the visitors that also completed a telephone call with the help of Ruler’s call tracking feature.

Daniel Reilly, Director of Ruler Analytics, explains how it works and why this information is so vital for marketers:

“Ruler Analytics was founded in response to the experience myself and my business partner, Ian Leadbetter, had with PPC, SEO, social and email marketing, and lead generation. We had used (and still do use) Google Analytics for many years, but as many business people find, it’s unable to display website leads and goal conversions in a visitor level context. When a visitor to a website fills in a form or dials the phone number on the site, businesses need to be able to see the exact keyword or referring URL that generated this lead or enquiry.”

Now, thanks to Ruler Analytics, marketers are able to access this vital information, so they can finally prove the ROI of their PPC campaigns by seeing how many leads and enquiries they have generated.

They can also see which keywords have generated the most interest, which can inform future campaigns, making it more possible than ever to target the exact audience who are the most likely to buy into your product or service, maximising the effectiveness of all your marketing activity.



PPC is still a highly effective marketing tool in itself, and also has an important role to play in informing the rest of your campaigns.

Now, with the ability to calculate a realistic ROI for your PPC ads, this strategy could become more important than ever to your business.

If you would like to see for yourself how Ruler Analytics can help, we can provide you with a demo, which comes with a FREE 30-day trial, so you can see how the right information can make a greater success of all your marketing activities

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