Ruler Analytics: Introducing “Bounced Calls”

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When someone visits a page on your website and leaves straight away without visiting another page or taking any action, it’s known as a “bounce”. As all online business owners and marketers will know, every bounce affects your bounce rate in Google analytics.

This, in turn, has a knock-on effect not only for your Google rankings but also for your ROI and marketing budget.

In theory, this would seem like an accurate means of monitoring the effectiveness of your website when it comes to customer engagement; but what if the method is flawed? There are instances when your bounce rate might not be exactly as it seems.


When is a Bounce not a Bounce?

We all know someone who is still suspicious of doing business online and would prefer to speak to someone over the phone. These people are likely to visit your website to get the telephone number of your business so they can speak to you in person.

Most businesses would class this as a conversion; however, Google Analytics would still record it as a bounce, as the individual took no action on-site during the visit.

As Google would likely attribute this to bad user experience or an irrelevant search result, it could have a negative effect on your Google ranking, which is damaging to all online marketing channels, particularly PPC campaigns.

It’s vital for your business to understand the reasons behind your bounce rate. This is why we have developed the Bounced Calls feature.


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Introducing Ruler Analytics Bounced Calls

Bounced Calls is a feature built into the Ruler Analytics dashboard. It monitors the journey of each visitor individually, pinpointing all those who appear to have bounced on your website, but in reality, completed a conversion such as a telephone call.


How Could Ruler Analytics Bounced Calls Benefit You?

This information gives you a more meaningful insight into the performance of your website and will give you the figures you need for more accurate calculations of your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Return on Investment (ROI), enabling you to justify your marketing spend and allocate your budget as accurately as possible.

In addition, it can determine exactly which pages on your website are leading to the most phone calls, letting you know which elements of your site are the most effective and which need improvement.


Discover the Exact Keywords Used During an SEO Search

The most effective way of minimising your bounce rate and keeping your Google ranking as high as possible is to make your site as relevant as possible to its target audience.

In order to do this, it’s important to use the keywords that are most likely to be used during a search.

In 2011, Google made this much more difficult for marketers to determine by introducing “Not Provided”, which withholds the keywords used during searches, leaving marketers without some of the vital information they need to calculate their CPA at keyword level.

To combat this, we developed Ruler Re-Provide, which uncovers the exact keywords used during searches.

It provides full lists of keyword variations used in searches for each landing page and even identifies the specific keyword most likely to have generated each visit.

This enables you to target your PPC campaigns as effectively as possible, lowering your bounce rate and CPA, and allowing you to maintain your Google ranking.

In short, Ruler Analytics puts the power back into your hands, allowing you to take real control of your campaigns and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Click here for further information on Ruler Re-Provide and how it could help your business.


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Take Control of Your Marketing with Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics offers a wide variety of benefits to help marketers get the best return on their campaigns.

Our innovative software helps to take much of the guesswork out of your ROI calculations, providing you with all the vital metrics you need in order to target your audience as effectively as possible and allocate your budget to the best advantage.

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