Ruler Analytics White Label Partner Program

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Ruler Analytics is all about helping you maximise your marketing efforts and stay ahead of your competitors. That is why, with agencies in mind, we have devised the Ruler Analytics White Label Partner Program.


What is the Ruler Analytics White Label Partner Program?

A white label product is something that has been designed by one company, that is then offered to other companies with permission for them to rebrand it to make it appear as if they have designed it themselves.

This is what the Ruler White Label Partner Program allows you to do with our product. It’s a great opportunity for agencies to offer their clients all the benefits of Ruler, without having to go through us.

You can now upload your own branding to Ruler Analytics, and use it as if you designed the product yourself, giving you a great USP for both existing and potential customers.


What Does the White Label Partner Program Include?

The Ruler White Label Partner Program offers your company and clients all the features and benefits of Ruler Analytics, including Call Tracking, Ruler Keyword Re-Provide, Bounced Calls, Individual Visitor Tracking, Company Identification and much more.

In addition to the product itself, other benefits of the Partner Program include:

Full Training

Our friendly and experienced Customer Support Team here at Ruler Analytics can provide you with a full tour of the product, including valuable hints and tips on the best ways to use the product to maximise its benefits for your company and clients.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated Customer Support Team are not just here for the beginning of your journey with Ruler. If at any time you or a client encounter an issue with the product, all you need to do is get in touch.

Our team are here to help and will do their best to resolve any issues for you as quickly as possible.

Personalised Usernames and Passwords

You can give your clients the opportunity to set up their own users with password protection, so the right people can access the information they need, anytime, anyplace.

Can be Placed on a Sub-Domain of your Choice

We can place the product on a sub-domain of your choosing, so your clients will never have to visit our website. This allows you to brand the product authentically as your own, giving the best impression to your clients.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide you with a Master Login which allows you access to all your clients who have signed up to the product. This not only saves you time but also gives you an overview of just how much Ruler Analytics is benefitting your business.


How Will it Benefit Your Business?

All marketers know the importance of analytics in providing the vital information you need to calculate the ROI of your campaigns.

The Ruler White Label Partner Program allows you to offer this information to your clients, enabling them to budget more efficiently and target their marketing activities for maximum returns.

Demonstrate Your Worth

The biggest problem faced by agencies is often finding a way to demonstrate how their efforts generated those all-important leads, especially if they come in by phone.

Ruler’s Call Tracking and Individual Visitor Tracking features can solve these problems, giving you the ability to trace each telephone lead back to its original source.

It works using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology, which generates a unique number for each lead. This allows you to match each lead with the source that led them to your site, such as a PPC or SEO campaign, enabling you to demonstrate the proof that your hard work is paying off.

Upgrade Your Existing Services

The Ruler White Label Partner Program offers marketing agencies a great USP by enabling you to offer your clients a highly useful service that your competitors can’t provide.

Increase Your Own ROI

In addition to providing your customers with more insight into the performance of their marketing channels, you can also take advantage of all the benefits of Ruler for yourself, discovering your most profitable channels and determining what’s working and what isn’t, for more efficiently targeted marketing and an increased ROI.



The Ruler Analytics White Label Partner Program can offer a huge variety of benefits for you and your clients that will truly keep you ahead of the pack.

If you would like to discover more about Ruler Analytics or our White Label Partner Program, including pricing, please call us. Alternatively, to explore the benefits of Ruler for yourself, you can book a demo online with us today.




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