Ruler and Google Analytics – The Perfect Partnership

ruler and google analytics - the perfect partnership -

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service in the world. It tracks and reports on all your website traffic, allowing the user to gain insights about site visitors including where they came from, their geographical location and how long they stayed on the site. It can also track specific conversions including lead generation and sales, vital metrics that you need to calculate your ROI and justify your marketing spend. In addition, Google Analytics is integrated with Google Ads to offer a more in-depth analysis of how well a particular landing page is performing.


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Google Analytics facts and stats

There are now over 73 million websites using Google Analytics; that’s over 8% of the entire internet! It’s used by 67% of the 10,000 most popular websites, and almost 50% of the top million, so it’s obviously doing something right. It also allows you to create multiple dashboards to show different metrics.

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it’s FREE, although paid upgrades are available.


Ruler’s partnership with Google Analytics

At Ruler Analytics, we are pleased to announce that we have recently become a certified partner of Google Analytics. Partners are deemed to have demonstrated significant knowledge and experience of internet marketing and Google Ads. Our partnership status means that you can now search for Ruler Analytics using Google’s official partners list.


How our partnership benefits your business

Integrating your Ruler account with Google Analytics will allow you to create goals for phone calls. Your phone call goals can then be viewed throughout all Google Analytics reports. In addition, they will be connected to Google Ads, giving you greater insight into performance.


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FAQ about Google Integration

How does Ruler integrate with Google Analytics?

When we track phone calls in Ruler we send this data through to Google Analytics using their API. We can do this for online numbers or numbers that appear in your offline materials.

Does it cost extra?

No, Ruler Analytics integration is completely free of charge.

Can I get Google Analytics data sent to my Ruler dashboard?

No, at present it only works one way, Ruler > Google.

How long does it take for the data to appear in Google Analytics?

Data can take up to 15 minutes to be seen in Ruler Analytics. However, once your data has been registered in Ruler Analytics, it should appear in Google Analytics straight away.

Is it just for call tracking only?

Yes, it is at present; however, our developers are always researching and discovering new ways in which they can improve our reporting.

For any more enquiries about Google Analytics integration or Ruler Analytics itself please get in touch with us here at [email protected] and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @RulerAnalytics.




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