Ruler Trends – 75% of inbound enquires are via phone calls in lead generation


In the first of a series of articles called Ruler Trends we take a look at the data across the Ruler network to see trends from clients in different sectors and industries. The data is based on over a million individual visitors across hundreds of sites.

The focus on this article is lead generation and a look at the trends which lead to enquiries specifically to form fill outs vs phone calls the implications of different devices and browsers. We could also look at traffic source data however this tends to be a little more skewed by brand awareness and sector.


Ruler Trends Data

Traffic by Device Type

Desktop – 58.26%
Mobile & Tablet – 41.74%


Enquiry Types – Calls vs Form Conversions

Calls – 75.31%
Form Conversions – 24.69%


Calls vs Forms based on Device Type

Desktop – 55.96%
Mobile & Tablet – 44.04%

Form Conversions
Desktop – 62.50%
Mobile & Tablet – 37.50%


Chrome – 33.30%
Mobile Safari – 26.66%
IE – 13.87%
Chrome Mobile – 12.85%
Firefox – 4.65%
Android browser – 3.78%
Safari – 3.25%
Other – 1.64%


Some of the trends we see here are typical of any industry however there are some interesting points that stand out. There are obviously other considerations to be taken into account such as the prominence of on page forms and telephone numbers and calls to action but assuming this has been catered for the data does reveal some interesting insights.

We are seeing more traffic from desktop than mobile and tablet devices despite the shift towards mobile. This may be caused by B2B lead generation being more focused on desktop where as B2C and content driven channels receive more traffic from social channels and therefore to mobile devices.

The ratio of phone calls to form enquiry volume is particularly interesting as well as how this increases on mobile compared to desktop. 75% of inbound enquiries for lead generation are via the phone. As there is a relatively even split in terms of volume of conversions between form fill outs and calls on mobile devices approximately 33% of all inbound leads are coming from phone calls on mobile devices.

Based on ratio of telephone enquiries to form enquires and increase in smart phone usage the focus on inbound telephone enquiries and the tracking of calls and the marketing source only looks set to become more prominent.

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Director at Ruler Analytics with a background in online marketing, lead generation and analytics. Ian’s role includes designing automated workflows and integrations to help clients attribute the marketing effectively