Using Ruler and Zapier to capture the marketing source for Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms

The Problem

If your using Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms you can pass your website enquiries straight to Salesforce, however how do you know the marketing source that created it? Ruler Analytics is able to capture the marketing information and match it to the leads you have in Salesforce using Zapier.

Alternatively if you are not using Web-to-Lead forms Ruler can also send the leads to Salesforce to!


How it Works

Ruler Analytics automatically captures any form enquiry details including Web-to-Lead forms as well as capturing the marketing source – this includes keywords and the session and discovery source if applicable or over multiple visits.

Using Zapier, Ruler Analytics can then send enquiries to Salesforce to either create a new lead or update an existing one at the same time adding the marketing source to appropriate Salesforce fields.


The Result

The end results is that your website enquiries are populated in Salesforce with the appropriate marketing source allowing you to attribute value and measure the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns when the lead is closed.

For more information about Zapier, visit our Zapier integration page:

If you need any help getting set-up or have any questions please contact us.

Written by

Director at Ruler Analytics with a background in online marketing, lead generation and analytics. Ian’s role includes designing automated workflows and integrations to help clients attribute the marketing effectively