We had used different call tracking and analytics products in the past but were introduced to Ruler Analytics back in December 2015. We were impressed by the features and integrations along with the transparent and cost-effective pricing. We finally settled with Ruler Analytics in January 2016 after trialling the product and meeting the directors. We use it for ourselves and a number of our clients. We use the product to track website enquiries and inbound telephone calls at visitor and keyword level. In most cases we will aim to integrate Ruler Analytics with the law firm’s CRM and Google Analytics to pass the keyword or marketing source that generated each lead or inbound telephone call via their website.

The Ruler Analytics team are super easy to deal with helping us to get each new account set up quickly and providing ongoing support and consultation should we need it.

The reporting and integrations that Ruler Analytics provides us are critical when it comes to matching telephone calls and form fills to the actual leads that close in CRM.

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