“Using Ruler Analytics’ software, we are able to give credibility to each department and show return on investment more effectively.”

Sarah Boustouller



Stephensons Solicitors LLP is a full service law firm that acts for individuals, businesses and other organisations. It has offices nationally including; Altrincham, Horwich, Manchester, London, St. Helens, Leigh and Wigan.

Head of marketing and partner at Stephensons, Sarah Boustouller sees online channels to market as business critical. With this in mind, Stephensons has both an in house team and the support of an SEO and PPC agency.

However, it was proving difficult to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) definitively for organic and paid for online marketing.


The marketing team wanted to demonstrate clearer ROI to each legal service department and to support business development in terms of giving them more specific visitor profiles.

There was a need to have better management information regarding the source of work, as it was often difficult to determine from clients if they have clicked on a paid for link, or come through organically.

Realising the importance and opportunity in determining how leads are generated, the marketing department at Stephensons looked at different options but found that Ruler best met the above challenges.


Having been introduced to Ruler Analytics, Sarah was impressed by the company’s unique offering. With sharper and more acute management information, Ruler Analytics offer a much more precise way of monitoring the ROI of online activity.

Ruler Analytics talked Sarah and her team through product features and the at-a-glance analytics dashboard. The marketing team found it helpful to see which keywords had brought visitors onto the site organically, making for a more informed, key-word friendly marketing and advertising strategy.

With Ruler Analytics’ software, Sarah’s team now has the ability to determine which calls come from paid for or organic searches, as well as garner a better overall understanding of the ROI on their activities and justify budgets. Furthermore, Ruler Analytics offered insight into which commercial businesses were visiting their site and which pages they were looking at – a useful tool for informing the business development team of potential new business leads and seeing which sectors they could target in future.

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