Midas Media is one of the UK’s leading experts in running paid media campaigns. Based in Melton Mowbray and founded by popular marketing personality Ed Leake, their relentless focus on delivering big returns for their clients makes them the perfect archetype of a Ruler Analytic user.

Their work spans across most major online media networks, but particularly focuses on three Ruler Analytics integrations: Google Ads, Microsoft Bing and Facebook Ads.

Midas Media work hard to differentiate themselves. They’ve built their own in-house, artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools, specialise solely in honing their craft in PPC (with plenty of articles authored by them online that attest to this), have accreditations from all of the networks they work with and offer radical transparency. When your sole goal as a business is to deliver more revenue for your clients, what is there to hide?!

The Challenge

It was the win of a new client that sparked Midas Media’s interest in Ruler Analytics. A high-value ecommerce company – a model Midas Media had vast experience in – had just come on board. Whilst nothing new, the way the business operated and their expectations of their marketing required Midas Media to tailor their usual delivery in a different way to their usual client engagement.

Unlike your usual ecommerce company where the visitor journey is relatively straightforward – a user clicks on an advertisement or search listing, searches, views a product page and makes a purchase – this particular client, due to the high value of the products they were selling, had a much more complex sales funnel.

With this client, the purchase wasn’t complete by a transaction fulfilled on a website. Instead, once a transaction was initiated via the website or a phone call, the customers details were passed into a CRM system that the business had built bespoke for their requirements and then the deal was closed via traditional communications on the email or by phone call.

This disconnect between the transaction beginning on the website but closing through phone or email was causing a massive problem for the client – they were spending over £200,000 on paid media every month but had no idea how much new customers and revenue they were getting as a result of them. The value of the transaction can also vary greatly from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds.

The Solution

In order to solve this problem, the client needed a solution that bridged three separate systems: their marketing data, their sales platforms and their revenue data. Luckily, Ruler Analytics has been created with this exact use case in mind.

First of all, installing Ruler Analytics call tracking meant Midas Media could begin tracking phone call conversions that happened as a result of a website visit, but not necessarily when the lead didn’t click to call, or click on a call extension.

Ruler Analytics’ call tracking attributes phone calls to the relevant marketing channel, campaign and keyword that generated them. This meant that the client could now track conversions via phone call as easy as form fills.

The next step of the solution was to integrate the client’s marketing, sales and revenue data with our closed-loop analytics engine. This allows us to tie revenue to the marketing data, from the first-click discovery to the last-click conversion.

Ruler Analytics’ closed-loop analytics engine works by consolidating data from marketing platforms with the leads identifiable information. This is then passed through to the CRM. In this case, we built specific webhooks to connect the client’s bespoke CRM with our platform. But in most cases, this functionality is available out of the box (we integrate with most major CRM providers: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Pipedrive & more).

After the data has been through the client’s sales process and the lead becomes a customer, this data is then passed back into their marketing analytics platforms (in this case Google Analytics, Google Ads and Bing Ads) so they can begin optimising their marketing based on what brought the most closed business.

But Ruler Analytics doesn’t stop there! Our integrations with payment processor and data systems allows us to also pass the closed-revenue back into these analytics tools, too. If you track revenue in Stripe, Braintree or even just a spreadsheet, Ruler Analytics can unify this for you.

The Results

Now that Midas Media could attribute revenue to the campaigns, channels and keywords, they were able to cut out the aspects of the marketing that weren’t delivering revenue, and focus on those that are driving big ticket sales.

Thanks to the Ruler data, an additional six figures of monthly revenue was attributed to the PPC campaigns. With further optimisation and account rebuild resulting in a 127% increase in Return on Ad Spend.

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