National Claims Helpline is one of the leading claims management companies based in the United Kingdom.

The head of business development and marketing, Amy Smeaton, needed to cut costs and ensure spend from the marketing department was going as far as possible, as well as determine where calls were coming from to make sure marketing efforts were not going to waste.


Each enquiry received by National Claims Helpline is assessed for the case and then either filtered or sent to the panel to take on the claim. The marketing team were finding that conversions were taking place both on and off the website, be that through phone calls or online form fills, so it was hard to narrow down exactly where they were coming from.

With the company paying for different terms through Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC), such as ‘can I claim’ or ‘what should I do if I have a car accident’, the team were receiving many invalid enquiries, meaning a lot of wasted budget from marketing.

The team was using a lot of guess work and needed an analytics tool to fill in the gaps. It was important to determine which were the most effective key words and which weren’t, as well as show which conversions were from Google’s PPC and Google Ads campaigns and which weren’t.


Being a big advocate of analysing data and making decisions based on it, Amy took an interest in Ruler Analytics and signed up for free trial.

After meeting with the team and hearing about the technology and what Ruler could offer, it became obvious Ruler Analytics was just what they needed.

Ruler showed the team how to see what each individual had googled and made it easier to focus in on the more relevant search terms such as ‘car accident’ and not just ‘how do I claim’ (which could be related to claiming benefits from the Government). Amy and her team can also now can see which key words convert and which don’t, meaning that the PPC and Google Ads campaigns could be streamed.

Terms such as ‘no win, no fee’ were highlighted as ones that surprisingly didn’t convert well, plus they were expensive and too broad. Whereas, many customers would find the website by searching ‘what to do after a car accident’. This meant that Amy and her team could cut costs on unnecessary spend and refine to those providing a stronger return on investment.

Usually in distress and anxious about an incident, the marketing team saw the importance in making clients feel comfortable and build their trust. They wanted to be able to better understand the customer journey and make the experience as easy as possible in order to stand out over competitors.

Ruler allowed National Claims Helpline to do just this by utilising the visitor level journey tracking to see what clients were doing as they moved through the website. By tracking this journey, the marketing team have been able to edit the website and ensure they are giving clients all the information they need.

National Claims Helpline have seen a return on the investment into Ruler Analytics in less than two months. It is now working with the team at Ruler to help build new marketing campaigns around the insight gained from the analytics.

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