Based in Exeter, WNW Digital provides digital marketing services to over 50 customers with a focus on digital strategy, SEO, Paid Media and Social. 

For Camilla Todd, Head of Digital Marketing, Ruler Analytics has become an important part of serving a number of WNW’s clients. 


Camilla Todd
Head of Digital Marketing – WNW Digital

Single Source of Truth

Camilla said, “Our customers rely on us to deliver marketing methods that bring in sales and enquiries at a profitable rate. Ruler provides the data that is crucial, down to exactly where phone conversions have come from, plus the route those visitors took on the site, allowing us to refine and vastly improve the customer’s marketing.”

Like many digital agencies, WNW Digital practically live in Google Analytics for reporting and analysing information. As an official Google Analytics Technology Partner, Ruler works closely with Google to develop deep integration, ensuring conversion data is pushed back into Google Analytics to provide a single point of reference for which marketing campaigns and channels are driving leads to their customers.

“Customers have been really receptive to the data Ruler provides and the platform allows us easy access to data that we can use in our custom reporting. Being able to breakdown leads and reference specific conversations via our call monitoring provides so much value to the client and the performance of their marketing campaigns.”




Every Lead Counts

Understandably for WNW Digital and their customers, every lead counts. There have been times where Ruler Analytics has acted as a fail-safe, Camilla explains,

“We had an instance where a customer’s own website wasn’t sending form submissions through to the sales team. Fortunately, Ruler’s dashboard had captured the lead information, allowing the client to pursue the enquiry.”

As can be expected, not every lead that comes through will convert to a sale, however Ruler’s call playback solution allows WNW to replay calls and see what happens to the enquiry. 

This can often present WNW with a tricky conversation, as they can highlight where a call handler isn’t performing to the standard the client might expect. Ultimately, it helps foster a relationship of transparency and trust.

Camilla says, “In these instances we’ve been able to provide added value to the customer – prompting them to provide extra training for their staff to deal with leads more effectively, which in turn results in a better Conversion Rate for the campaigns we’re running for them.”




Revealing the Full Picture

In other scenarios, the ability to track calls has enabled WNW Digital to prove the success of campaigns which may previously been deemed a disappointment. 

Camilla said, “As part of a multi-channel strategy for an e-commerce client we were running Google Ads amongst other campaigns. The client believed their primary sales channel was through their online store, and at first glance the campaigns were not hitting the targets set. 

Fortunately, call tracking was enabled for the client. Once we had checked the data by listening to calls we could attribute additional revenue converted over the phone from the Google Ads campaign.”

By utilising Ruler’s call tracking and dashboards, WNW Digital was able to associate a previously untracked 83% of revenue generated by the Ads campaign and converted over the phone.

Camilla continued, “This turned a non-profitable campaign into a profitable one, meaning the client has an excellent method to bring in more orders at a profit and we have a happy client and a long-lasting campaign.”


Close Working Relationships

Ruler’s call tracking has become such a pivotal feature of WNW Digital’s proposition for customers, that is has provided WNW with an opportunity to work closely with Ruler to suggest improvements to the platform. Camilla mentioned how supportive the Ruler team has been, 

“As part of our account management we regularly listen back to calls via Ruler’s platform to see which calls led to conversions. In some cases, this could mean listening to more than 50 calls per report, which can be quite a drain on time. We mentioned how time consuming this could be during a catch-up call, by the next week Ruler’s development team had added new functionality to speed this process us for us significantly!

It’s rare to see a company so devoted to listening to customer’s feedback and making improvements on the back of it.

That customer relationship is key – we feel we know the team at Ruler now and it’s great to be regularly speaking to the same team members. So often with SaaS solutions you encounter faceless support, but the team at Ruler are great at responding quickly to any challenges we’re facing.”

Camilla’s closing comments reinforced how important call tracking has been for WNW Digital and their clients, 

“For our clients and marketing, call tracking is an absolute must. Without Ruler’s data, we’re working in the dark; with it we have accurate and detailed information on how to massively improve campaign performance and profitability. It’s a luxury to find a call tracking company that provides not just the essentials of this service, but also many additional features along with incredibly friendly and responsive support. When proposing work for a new marketing client we are now making it very clear that call tracking is essential, and it’s reassuring to know we’ll be working with Ruler when offering that service.”


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