Are your marketing efforts getting the credit they deserve?

Connect revenue to campaign activity and close the loop between sales and marketing

Evidence marketing impact

Provide proof of your most successful marketing campaigns in driving sales and demonstrate your impact on revenue growth.

Drive higher quality leads

Match revenue to leads in one place for better insight into how your most profitable leads behave.

Get more from your marketing budget

Focus your time on the campaigns that generate the most revenue - and not just goals.

What is closed-loop marketing attribution?

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Close the loop between sales revenue and marketing activity

Ruler Analytics is a visitor level multi-touch marketing attribution product for forms, phone calls & live chat.

What is Closed Loop Marketing Attribution?

While digital marketers focus their hard work on generating high quality leads, they can quickly lose visibility of the success of their campaigns as the sales process takes over. Once a lead reaches out to a business via phone, form or live chat, sales and marketing data quickly becomes disconnected as sales activity and revenue generated is locked within CRM tools.

Ruler's closed loop marketing attribution software allows marketers to match leads to revenue and evidence which campaigns drove sales. This helps businesses align sales and marketing activity, measure true ROI for campaigns and optimise campaigns based on value to drive higher quality leads.

Why use Ruler?

  • Measure true ROI of ad campaigns

    Connecting revenue to campaigns to reveal the full picture of your ad performance

  • Data where you need it most

    Ruler Analytics can sync revenue data back to Google Ads, Analytics, Data Studio, your CRM or paid media solutions to give insight where you need it most.

  • Quick & Easy Set-up

    Ruler can be up and running within an hour. Integration takes a few minutes and consists of a couple of small code snippets. We can help with this if needed.

  • Optimise your ad spend

    Make smart decisions on your bidding strategy based on value driven metrics - not just impression data


Ruler Analytics and the Customer Buying Cycle

Ruler Analytics tracks, matches and synchronises data at every step of your customer buying cycle, providing valuable sales and marketing information where you need it most.

Ruler Analytics Customer Buying Cycle

Why use Ruler Analytics?

Once Ruler Analytics is integrated with your website, CRM and marketing platforms, you’ll unlock powerful data across the entire customer buying cycle, allowing you to create multiple conversion goals within Google reporting, identify which channels were most profitable and optimise campaigns depending on your business objectives.

Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution

Ruler's unified multi-channel marketing attribution tool makes tracking and analysis of your campaign and channels simple, increasing insight and improving ROAS. Track each visitor's multiple touch points and page journey to measure and attribute value accurately across the entire conversion path

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