Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms

Automatically Enrich your Salesforce Leads with the Marketing Source Variables

If you are using Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms your website leads are automatically sent to Salesforce. Ruler Analytics can automatically enrich those leads with the Marketing Source and Keyword or any other marketing variable over multiple touch points such as First Click and Last Click. It's easy to set-up and no developer time is required. Ruler can also create or update a lead from phone calls or live chat.

Send Opportunity Closed/Won Revenue to AdWords, Analytics, Bing & Facebook

When an Opportunity is marked as Closed/Won in Salesforce, Ruler can automatically send the revenue back into Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook & Bing so you can measure ROI and optimise your campaigns based on Revenue and not Goals or Conversions and prove the true impact of your marketing campaigns on the business.

Over 60 Marketing Variables Available over Multiple Touch Points

First click and last click marketing variables are automatically added to the lead with a link back to view the leads page journey through your website.

What are people saying about Ruler?


Ed Leake

Managing Director - Midas Media

“Thanks to the Ruler Analytics data, an additional six figures of monthly revenue was attributed to the PPC campaigns. With further optimisation and account rebuild resulting in a 127% increase in Return on Ad Spend.”




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