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How to integrate Intercom leads with HubSpot

How to integrate Intercom leads with HubSpot

How can I integrate Intercom and HubSpot?

Intercom is an amazing communication tool that many in the marketing industry swear by. It means potential leads can get in touch with us on their own terms, and we get to reply in real time. 

Intercom is a great platform for capturing leads, with seamless communication tools that optimise the way you get to interact with users. However, Intercom doesn’t have the capabilities to tell you exactly where these leads are coming from in the first place - and who is actually converting into revenue. Integrating Intercom with other apps such as HubSpot allows you to pinpoint the data you need across platforms.

Here’s our guide on how to integrate intercom leads with HubSpot, so you can integrate your two favourite apps - and adjust your marketing strategy according to the real data you have.

How to integrate Intercom leads with HubSpot

  • Make sure you have the HubSpot app installed. It’s available on some Intercom plans, so you may have access to it already!
  • Once installed, you can connect HubSpot to Intercom with the ‘Authorise access’ button - if you have admin access. Click this, and you can then add it to your inbox to see contact details in HubSpot for each user.
  • Now that HubSpot and Intercom are connected, you can send your leads from intercom to HubSpot Automatically or Manually.
  • To fully integrate the two, you’ll want to automate the flow of data between HubSpot and Intercom.
  • This involves going to your HubSpot app in the app Store, and making sure ‘Enable automatic content creation’ is checked.
  • Once this feature is turned on, every visitor to your site with an email address will then be added to HubSpot as a contact. 
  • If you’re a bit late to installing the HubSpot app, you can always export your leads from Intercom and import them to HubSpot.
  • This will also automate the flow of data between Intercom and HubSpot from this point on. However, only those conversations that are continuing or began after HubSpot was connected to Intercom will automatically be sent between apps.

A seamless flow of data between HubSpot & Intercom

Both HubSpot and Intercom are essential marketing tools for many of us out there, and being able to manage them both seamlessly is a huge bonus. 

There’s just one missing link, in that the connection between the two often requires time that we simply don’t have in the marketing world.

At Ruler Analytics, we can help you close the loop between your Intercom leads and opportunity data and revenue in HubSpot.

With Ruler, you have more power to spend your time wisely as the data itself is synced exactly where you need it. Ruler does much more than this alone, however. 

Ruler keeps track of each and every touchpoint made by users across multiple interactions with your company, feeding these interactions back into your CRM once a conversion has been made via Intercom. As soon as a lead generates revenue, all the user’s marketing touchpoint data is then attributed back to Intercom. This allows you to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts, highlighting what’s working best for you.

That means you get more time to focus on improving your marketing approach, with less of the fuss surrounding integration.

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