Lead Forensics is a B2B analytics solution which enables business owners, or those in charge of acquiring new business, to see which companies have been visiting their website. It also makes getting in touch with each company easy by providing contact details and, sometimes even a direct contact at the company. This is very powerful for closing new business.

Ruler Analytics, offers the same company lookup functionality that is seen in Lead Forensics, at a lower monthly cost as a well as a visitor level analytics solution which provides business owners with a complete and transparent marketing diagnostic – exposing the exact channels responsible for every sale, lead or phone call.



Here are some of things Ruler does that Lead Forensics doesn’t do:

  • Track the journey of every visitor through your website
  • Track conversions and enquires and match them back to the marketing source including keyword
  • Track inbound phone calls from your website
  • Integrate into 500+ other products including CRM and Email Tools


  • Lead Forensics offers a limited free trial and will not allow you logins to the product.
  • Ruler Analytics offers a full feature trial with logins to the product so you can use it.





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Why is Ruler Analytics different to Lead Forensics?

The biggest difference between Lead Forensics and Ruler Analytics is that Lead Forensics is a B2B analytics solution while Ruler Analytics is a B2B and B2C analytics solution. Because Ruler Analytics tracks a wider range of website users, the level of data on offer – leads, sales, phone calls, revenue, companies – is greater, as visualised in the head-to head above.

However, Lead Forensics is a proven web analytics solution, and at Ruler we’re fond of the way that it goes about its business. For starters, Lead Forensics is incredibly easy to set up; all the website admin has to do is add a single line of JavaScript to every web page that needs to be tracked. This process takes minutes and it doesn’t take long before the user has insightful and actionable data about visitors.

Here are some of the key features of Lead Forensics:

  • Access real-time intelligence about prospects
  • Find out when they visited
  • See what they searched for
  • Identify the pages they viewed
  • View business turnover and their industry SIC code

According to Lead Forensics, these features can boost online ROI, identify and help prioritise new sales leads, increase lead conversion, reduce the time spent on costly marketing practices, and identify cross-selling opportunities with existing clients. With hundreds of happy users, we have no doubt that this web analytics solution delivers on what it promises.

But Ruler does too, plus so much more…

When we started building Ruler Analytics, we wanted to create a web analytics solution that offered the data that Google Analytics couldn’t – the source of every lead and sale, and the source of every phone call that’s generated on a website. Our software is now able to tell the webmaster how leads and sales are generated and what makes the phone ring.

Crucially, Ruler Analytics has been refined over the past 12 months to really nail ROI. The dashboard has been designed to display valuable data all in one place. For example, the Ruler Dashboard Sources section lists the source of traffic, the visits from each source, the amount of conversions from each source, the number of calls from each source, and the revenue generated from each source, and the Ruler Recent Calls section displays the source (number), date, time, duration of call and lets you play the call recording back – this reduces marketing spend significantly.

So what’s the advantage to Ruler?

The basic level of data and insight Ruler offers is the same as what Lead Forensics offers, however Ruler goes one step further with a greater level of depth, such as the number of visits along with pages viewed, where leads and sales come from and their individual values, and a better set of features for tracking and recording phone calls. All of these additional features add up to create a more advanced analytics solution for business owners who wish to fully understand who their customers are, and collect valuable information about ‘invisible’ website visitors to feed sales teams with valuable leads.