Connect lead and revenue data to your data warehouse

Connect Ruler’s data to your existing data warehouse and business intelligence tools for a 360 view of your entire operation.
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Simple integration with your most powerful reporting tools

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Track every touchpoint

Track every click, call and conversation driven to your website automatically through our forms, live chat and call tracking integrations.

Ruler Analytics Revenue Attribution Report


Push data to where you need it most

Ruler connects powerful data to your business intelligence and reporting tools to enable forensic analysis


A single source of truth

Cross-examine your marketing data in tools such as Tableau, Data Studio, Power BI or Looker to provide real insight to your reporting.

Sales and Marketing Misalignment


Democratise your marketing data

Unleash the power of your marketing data and start measuring value instead of vanity, giving marketing a seat at the table to prove your performance.

Optionis connect sales and marketing data with Power BI to unleash previously unattainable insights

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Optionis Ruler Analytics

How does Ruler piece together your data?

Ruler allows you to track each and every lead and every interaction

Simple, powerful integrations

Connect your data to your existing infrastructure

Consultative approach

Our team are with you every step of the way

Single source of truth

Definitive answers to your most taxing challenges

Powerful insights

Make data-driven decisions that to impact your growth