Prove your ROI with revenue analytics

Track marketing leads across multiple tech-stacks. See what marketing sources drive the most revenue and better understand your impact on ROI and ROAS.

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What is revenue analytics and how can it help?

Revenue analytics is a game-changer for your business. Ruler's revenue analytics gives you the true picture of the impact of your marketing. It combines your marketing, sales and revenue data to help your team understand the commercial impact of their activity.

Ruler seamlessly connects your reporting tools, allowing you to track and visualise your revenue attribution data wherever and whenever.


Revenue analytics gives you the bigger picture on the user's journey. You can track exactly how your leads are converting into revenue and demonstrate marketing's impact on ROI more confidently.

Track what touchpoints are most influential during a customer's buying journey. Ruler's revenue analytics tracks data on a visitor level, allowing you to attribute deals and revenue across multiple campaigns, ads, keywords and more.


Sales and marketing teams have traditionally operated in silos, resulting in tension and conflict. Revenue analytics puts an end to this.

Ruler's revenue analytics gives everyone access to the same data and allows them to work towards the same common goals.


With better data comes better decision-making. With revenue analytics, you can make smarter decisions for your company.

You can focus on what you know will bring in more revenue instead of optimising for lead volume.

How it works...

Tracking leads isn't enough. You need to put a value on each conversion to understand what marketing channels are most effective at driving revenue. With Ruler's revenue analytics, the process is simple.

Ruler takes out the legwork by seamlessly attributing revenue to your marketing across multiple touchpoints, allowing you to focus on building and growing your business. Once you get started, you'll wonder how you went without it. 
Connect your marketing to revenue
Marketers are being held increasingly accountable for the need to connect their efforts with revenue and growth. With Ruler's revenue analytics, you can show exactly how your leads translate into deals and make better decisions to improve your marketing performance.