Your marketing measurement problems, Solved.

During a demo of Ruler Analytics we will discuss your marketing measurement challenges and demonstrate how to solve them using our industry leading platform. You will will learn how to:
  • Prove what is working and what isn’t working
  • Decide where to spend your budget and where to pull back
  • Evidence the effectiveness of your marketing channels & campaigns
  • Go beyond Last Click & Google Analytics with Multi-touch attribution
  • Integrate offline touch points and revenue from CRM
  • Model the impact of impression focused channels such as Meta & TikTok

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Join 1000s of other marketers who just can’t get enough of Ruler Analytics

Marketing professionals from organisations across the world in a wide range of industries are reaping the rewards that Ruler’s marketing attribution solution can provide.
Victoria Foster - Hitsearch
“With the help of Ruler we were able to start tracking the source of calls, and saw that channels such as paid were responsible for 91% of all calls”
Victoria Foster
Dylan Walsh - Circleloop
“Optimisation of campaigns and landing pages since introducing Ruler has seen a 155% year on year increase in conversion rates, with 54% increase in conversions attributed to Google Paid activity.”
Dylan Walsh