See what touchpoints matter most with data-driven attribution

Let data-driven attribution give you a better view of your marketing performance.

Gain granular and actionable insights to help optimise and scale your marketing campaigns with more confidence.

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What is data-driven attribution and how can it help?

The future of marketing is data-driven. The days of relying on single source attribution are nearing the end. Data-driven attribution has revolutionised marketing measurement by enabling marketers to use dynamic data and mathematical modelling to understand how different marketing activities collectively impact conversions and revenue.


With data-driven attribution, you get a more accurate picture of the customer journey.

Ruler’s data-driven attribution provides more granular insights into where your users are coming from and attributes revenue across multiple campaigns, ads, keywords and more.


Sales and marketing teams have long worked in silos. Ruler’s data-driven attribution aligns marketing and sales data at all stages of the funnel.

This enables your teams to work together seamlessly and align campaigns to achieve your business goals.


By switching from rule-based models to data-driven attribution, you can make smarter decisions based on high-quality insights.

Data-driven attribution takes out the guesswork and gives you the power to optimise your marketing for maximum success.

How it works...

Single-source attribution doesn't tell you the full story.

If you don't have the full story, how can you make informed decisions to maximise your marketing performance? The simple answer is you can't.

With data-driven attribution, you get the bigger picture.

Ruler's data-driven attribution tracks and values all your marketing touchpoints through the Markov chain model. Using Markov chains, you can understand how sequences of interactions and touchpoints lead to a conversion rather than the effect of a channel in isolation. This means you can track your customer journeys from start to end and answer complex, business-specific marketing questions based on reliable data. 
Give credit where credit is due with data-driven attribution
Ruler Analytics offers data-driven attribution as part of its bespoke package. This feature is in beta so please speak to our sales team to learn more.