Uncover risks and opportunities with predictive analytics

Combine your historical data, machine learning and statistical modelling to make predictions about your business success. 

Learn what’s working well and use that data to streamline your marketing performance to drive more significant results.

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What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is a branch of analytics that can predict future business outcomes by analysing historical data through statistical models and machine learning. 

With businesses drowning in more and more sales and marketing data, predictive analytics can help you make sense of your stats and identify risks and outcomes. 

Uncover risks and opportunities for your business.


Confidently scale your marketing outputs based on real data. Machine learning will support you to understand what works best and where to invest your budget.

Predictive analytics with Ruler will help you scale your business faster.


Harness machine learning that can apply statistical models to your data. Streamline how you report and how your team strategises.

You’ll never look at marketing optimisation the same way again.


Get rid of the marketing measurement headache. Instead of pouring over reports and trying to fumble marketing metrics together to prove what works, predictive analytics can accurately analyse your marketing performance. 

It’s a simple way to measure your marketing and make data-driven decisions.

How it works...

Ruler Analytics offers predictive analytics as part of its bespoke package. This feature is in beta so please speak to our sales team to learn more. 

Predictive analytics will help you to find the tipping point of each channel in your marketing mix. 

With Ruler in play, you’ll be able to take away the headache of working out where to put your budget. You’ll get a bespoke report advising how best to spend your budget based on what’s worked historically and machine learning data algorithms.
Find the ideal budget mix for your marketing
Your first £1,000 investment will have a higher ROI than your last. Understanding the tipping point of each channel is essential for true optimisation.