A Complete Guide to Ruler Analytics Call Tracking

a complete guide to ruler analytics call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com

One of the biggest problems for marketers has always been how to establish the original source of their telephone leads. Ruler Analytics can now offer a solution to that problem with our Call Tracking feature.


How Does Ruler Analytics Call Tracking Work?

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking works by using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology. This overrides the phone number on your website and generates a unique one specific to each campaign, area or visitor, allowing you to see the exact source from which each visitor was directed to your website.

This is vital information as knowing how many calls each campaign has generated allows you to calculate the ROI of your PPC, SEO and other marketing activities, justifying your spend and allowing you to maximise your budget and target your marketing more effectively in future.

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking can also provide you with essential background information on each caller, such as whether they visited any other pages on your site prior to making their call, and whether their visit to your site was their first or a return visit.

This information allows you to determine the exact point at which they converted, and what previous actions led to the conversion, all of which can help you in your marketing efficiency.


A Number to Suit Your Needs

At Ruler Analytics, we understand that different campaigns require different techniques, which is why we can provide you with a number that best suits your purpose for the calls you want to track.


Geographical Numbers

These are “local” numbers, trackable numbers prefixed with an area code relating to a town, city or location in the UK, such 020 for London or 0151 for Liverpool.

These types of numbers work particularly well if you are running a local PPC or SEO campaign wanting to attract more business from a specific area. The number on your website is one of the top four factors in completing a conversion.

If a visitor to your site sees a local phone number, they are likely to trust your business more, as they feel you have an investment in their local community, and that if they call you they won’t be put through to a generic call centre that won’t understand their needs.


Non-Geographical Numbers

These are numbers that don’t relate to a specific area. They usually begin with 03, 05, 070/ 076, 080, 0845, 0870, 083/ 4, 0871, 09, 116 and 188. These numbers are typically used by businesses that provide support or information or handle payments over the phone.

They are useful if your marketing is not locally targeted and you are trying to attract nationwide business, as they create the impression of a large and profitable company with enough staff to handle your call.

Please note that premium numbers do come at a slightly higher cost. For further information on this, please contact the team at Ruler Analytics, who will be happy to discuss pricing options with you.


Call Tracking Price Plans

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking numbers are FREE unless you require a specific number type, and remain within your package allowance, for example:

  • Essentials Package: £99 per month; you receive up to 1,000 minutes.
  • Advanced Package: £149 per month, with up to 2,000 minutes included.

Geographic and Freephone numbers may incur an additional charge of approximately 2p per minute if you receive a higher volume of calls than your package allocates.

Both packages also include Visitor Identification, Keyword Level Tracking and Company Identification, providing you with further vital information so you can see exactly where your customers are coming from, and which keywords are most effective in bringing visitors to your website.

This information can then be put to good use across the whole of your marketing activity, allowing you to target your marketing at the exact audience who are the most likely to buy into your product, so you can get the most of your campaigns and grow your business.


Interested to Learn More?

Ruler Analytics offers a demo showing how Call Tracking can have a highly positive impact on your business. Book one today to discover the many benefits of Ruler Analytics for yourself.




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