A Complete Call Tracking toolkit

Ruler Analytics measures your call activity to identify which of your marketing channels are making people pick up the phone and call our business. When someone makes a phone call, Ruler Analytics sends the conversion data to Google AdWords, Analytics or 750+ other integrations. Ruler’s useful help you to highlight improvements so you can drastically improve your ROI and more accurately report the success of your marketing activity.

Campaign & Keyword Call Tracking

Track your phone calls back to the marketing campaign and keyword that generated them for PPC, SEO or any other channel. Ruler also works with Google Analytics to report phone calls as Goals.

Static & Offline Call Tracking

Track phone calls generated from offline campaigns such as print and outdoor or from static campaigns such as e-mail. Ruler provides individual numbers for each campaign or advert to measure the effectiveness and ROI.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Ruler automatically shows a different number to each new website visitor, this allows us to identify individual traffic sources and keywords and not just at a top line campaign level.

Any Number Type - Local or Free in over 50 Countries

Ruler provides Local or Free phone number types in over 50 countries with access to any location specific or free number type variation.

Cost Effective & No Contract

Ruler operates a rolling monthly license with no contract and no tie ins. Cancel anytime.

Agency Call Tracking

Our Agency Partner Program provides agencies with access to additional benefits such as a white label dashboard, dedicated support and lifetime referral commission.

Call Recordings

Record every phone call to qualify leads and improve customer service. Ruler allows you to playback and download each call.

Quick & Easy Set-up

Ruler can be up and running within an hour. Integration takes a few minutes and consists of a couple of small code snippets. We can help with this if needed.

Google Adwords & Analytics Integrations

Rulers Official Google Analytics Technology Partner Integration provides automatic integration of phone calls as Goals and Conversions in Google Analytics & Adwords.

Which Parts Of Your Marketing Are Working?

Call tracking can help you identify which channels are driving the most leads. But, Ruler Analytics goes one step above that. We can help you identify which channels and campaigns are resulting in the most revenue through inbound calls.

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How can you track calls?

For us, it's simple. We set your business up with dynamic numbers so every user has a unique number. You can even select unique numbers for offline campaigns to allow better tracking.

And, we're an official Google Technology Partner, so you can be confident we'll provide all the data you could need.

Understand your customer journey and the role inbound calls play

Our call tracking software will highlight which marketing channels users are discovering your business on, what content is supporting them to research and which campaigns trigger them to buy.

And, if you upgrade to our full marketing attribution tool, you can also track form submissions and live chat sessions.

Data where you need it

Want to see direct in your CRM where an inbound call came from? Ruler will do exactly that.

At the point of sale, Ruler will also fire all of your revenue data into your analytics software too. You'll have all the data you need, where you need it most. So you can make more informed decisions about your marketing.



We pair with your marketing tools

We don't just integrate with your other marketing tools, we make them better. In just a few clicks, our marketing attribution data fuels deeper insights across all of your favourite tools.

We can integrate with hundreds of applications, including these.

inbound call tracking integrations

Bonus Call Tracking Features

Phone call tracking also includes other features you might need as part of your telecoms requirements including Call Whispers, IVR (Interactive Voice Recordings) Call Routing and Call Greeting Messages.

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Sarah Boustouller
Stephensons Solicitors LLP

“With this software, we are able to give credibility to each department and show return on investment more effectively.”

James Lawton-Hill
Marketing Director - Optionis

“The use of Ruler provides the campaign team with a deeper level of insight and reporting than previously measured.”

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