How Add People use Ruler to get true visibility on website visitors

“Internally, we’ve seen a 400% increase in leads and 100% increase in conversions across all clients since we implemented Ruler.”
Suraj Singh
Head of Partnerships

About Add People

With a team of marketing professionals, Add People provides access to affordable digital marketing services to over 3,500 SMEs globally. Boasting 18 years of experience, Add People’s team covers every aspect of digital marketing to ensure their customers can be found online.

As a Ruler Analytics Platinum Partner, Add People is one of our long-standing customers, utilising our attribution and call tracking features to evidence and improve the performance of campaigns.

We sat down with Suraj Singh, Head of Partnerships at Add People to discuss how the agency has been able to incorporate Ruler into their proposition for customers.

The Challenge

Add People work with a number of small businesses all of which use inbound calls as a major part of their lead generation strategy. Alongside this, given a number of these clients close sales via offline methods, tracking digital marketing beyond just clicks and sessions is vital to Add People.

Suraj added, “Getting true visibility on traffic has always been an issue when clients use offline conversions like calls or email. There’s a huge data gap between sales and marketing and so we were looking for a solution to plug the gap.”

The Solution

“Our CMO Peter came across Ruler and asked us to have a look into it. We’ve never looked back!”

After integrating Ruler into their client’s website and setting up unique numbers, Add People have been able to see much more than just the number of inbound calls.

“The call tracking feature in Ruler Analytics helps us to monitor not just the volume of enquiries but the quality. As in most cases, for our clients it is important we are gaining insight on the quality of the leads not just the quantity.

“Proper tracking through Ruler Analytics also helps us to attribute directly to the keyword in Google Ads that lead to the enquiry – therefore we can optimise our campaigns based on this – and deliver more success to our clients.

“As we primarily work with small businesses, digital marketing can be a big investment for them and they need to be completely aware of what they spend, where that money goes and how it returns on investment. Ruler is a valuable tool in that regard.

The Results

And while monitoring calls and tracking users was the main goal when installing Ruler, the benefits continue.

Suraj elaborated, “Internally, we’ve seen a 400% increase in leads and 100% increase in conversions across all clients since we implemented Ruler.

“Clients have responded really well to the reports we can provide from the data Ruler gives. It allows us to pass on to the client simple, user-friendly reporting about which channels are performing best and from where the most qualified traffic is coming.”

And tracking with Ruler means you can continue to measure leads, even when technology fails you: “Recently we had a sales and leadership training company who’s contact form was broken but we were still able to track calls because of Ruler.

“We’ve had numerous incidents of development and technical issues client side when we’ve set up an ad campaign for them. Ruler allows us to still capture these conversions, meaning the lead isn’t lost entirely for the client.

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach with clients. As businesses utilise different tools, marketing strategies and sales channels, there will naturally be a bespoke element to how Add People integrate into their internal processes.

“Pinpointing the source of qualified leads via Ruler is invaluable for our clients, it offers a superior service for them and allows us to accurately track how our campaigns work for them.