How Barcan+Kirby use Ruler to report on return on investment

“Ruler is our go-to for reporting on return on investment; this is vital for a law firm with a smaller marketing budget and various stakeholders.”
Siobhan Fagan
Senior Digital Marketing Executive

About Barcan+Kirby

Barcan+Kirby is a Bristol-based firm of solicitors with a reputation for providing high quality, common-sense advice in areas including divorce, medical negligence and probate.

Given their industry, Barcan+Kirby tend to drive leads via their site via phone call and form submissions. This lead generation can be tricky to track. Proving return on investment when using lead generation can be hard to prove when you can’t link offline conversions to online leads.

The Challenge

Legal marketers have to deal with long sales cycles and offline conversions when generating leads for their business. With both of these challenges, legal marketers can struggle to understand their ROI; particularly for offline channels.

Siobhan commented, “When using offline channels like print ads or editorial campaigns, we struggled to attribute new leads, and cases, accurately.”

And it’s not just offline channels that are a struggle. Paid advertising is difficult too. While advertisers might have conversion tracking set up, so they can track lead generation by campaign, what about revenue generation?

A lead doesn’t necessarily result in a new case.

We spoke to Siobhan Fagan, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Barcan+Kirby to find out more.

The Solution

Barcan+Kirby knew they needed a solution to their reporting and attribution challenges. They contacted Ruler to see how they could link offline revenue back to online leads.

“Offline advertising is notoriously difficult to report on when it comes to ROI. With Ruler, we can print a unique number which we can then track calls to and report on the success of that print ad or editorial.”

And it’s not just offline that’s been affected. “Ruler is our go-to tool for reporting on ROI for Google Ads campaigns, as well as giving us useful context behind the conversions from any online and offline advertising we have running.

“Google Ads and Google Analytics show the conversions, e.g. phone calls and form fills, but Ruler gives us essential insight into what those calls were about (through call recording and playback) and the user journey around form fills.

“Thanks to Ruler, we can report back to the relevant team on the context behind those conversions. This helps us tailor our campaigns for maximum effectiveness.”

The Results

With Ruler, the team at Barcan+Kirby have full visibility of their leads and their customer journeys.

And the team have made full use of our call tracking feature, “As well as Ruler helping us to see and listen to the context behind conversions from our advertising, it gives us insight into the user journey. When clients come to us, we want to ensure their journey from reception through to their first appointment and anything thereafter is seamless.

“By listening to calls playing out, we have been able to identify areas of improvement as well as recognising what we are doing well. For example, we noticed that during busy times, our receptionists were unable to answer all calls as quickly as we would have liked, and so to avoid callers waiting, we brought on Moneypenny, a professional telephone answering service, to help out. We’ve also streamlined the triage process for some departments after call listening highlighted where it could be better refined. This not only improves the user journey but maximises our employees’ effectiveness.”

And Siobhan couldn’t recommend attribution more. “Attribution is addictive. If you love data, you could spend hours looking at Ruler and comparing the data against your other tools such as Google Analytics. Other than that, it’s our go-to for reporting on return on investment; this is vital for a law firm with a smaller marketing budget and various stakeholders.”

Learn more about Barcan+Kirby, or book a demo of Ruler to find out how you can optimise your paid strategy with marketing attribution.