How Brighttail used Ruler to navigate a complex buying process

Having Ruler customer journey data in play meant that we could better optimize our campaigns and drive more results for our customers.”
Ezrul Mehzas
Senior Demand Generation Consultant

About Brighttail

Brighttail is a leading high-tech B2B marketing agency supporting ambitious technology companies to take their marketing strategies to the next level. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, they support companies with B2B inbound marketing, brand and design, and thought leadership. 

We spoke to Ezrul Mehzas, Senior Demand Generation Consultant at Brighttail, to better understand the problem they had and how marketing attribution helped fill the gap. 

The Challenge

Given the nature of the work their clients do, Brighttail understood that those customers go through a highly complex buying process. 

Ezrul said, “Both Brighttail and our clients use multiple and complicated tech stacks. This was making it difficult to trace every touchpoint along the customer journey to understand which marketing activities had the most significant impact on sales.”

“We wanted to find a solution that could allow us to connect data between key marketing tools so that we could get a full view of our high-revenue customers. Given the complexity of the customer journeys, it was hard to prove to our client that marketing, and our work in particular, was driving these high-value leads and sales.” 

The Solution 

Brighttail implemented marketing attribution tool Ruler Analytics on a large software client of theirs to better link their marketing and sales data across multiple applications and tech stacks. 

Ezrul added, “We use Ruler to track and attribute source and activity data for all online leads. It allows us to connect leads to records within the CRM to identify which leads become MQLs, opportunities and sales.”

“We were able to connect tools like Active Campaign, Google Analytics, etc. with Pipedrive to get a clear view of very complex buying journeys.” 

The Results 

With Ruler Analytics in place, Brighttail was now able to connect the dots between each touchpoint across full customer journeys, for every single lead and sale. 

Ruler also attributes closed revenue back to the influencing marketing channels, meaning that the team could definitively prove their work was driving the bottom line. 

Ezrul echoed this, “Our goal with Ruler was to get a clear picture of the customer journey, especially those that were closing for high revenue. Having that data in play meant that we could better optimize our campaigns and drive more results for our customers.”

“With Ruler in place, we were able to create a bespoke ROI report for our client which allowed us to definitively prove our impact. With that, the client actually invested more into marketing. Ruler Analytics has been a flywheel for our efforts. We’ve been able to prove our worth which in turn has led to better results and greater return for us and for our clients.” 

Find out more about Brighttail or learn more about Ruler Analytics via a demo. You’ll be able to see the data in action and how it can support you to grow your business.