“Ruler has assisted us to look deeper at our campaigns, particularly across display.”

Dylan Walsh
Head of Operations – CircleLoop

About CircleLoop

CircleLoop is a cloud telecoms provider, supporting business globally by bringing an organisation’s entire phone system together in powerful desktop and mobile apps with features including personalised voicemail, call recording, call transfer, contact management and conference calling.

Working with companies like Tesla, The Mailing Room and more, we spoke to Dylan Waslh, Head of Operations to find out how Ruler Analytics has supported growth.


The Challenge

CircleLoop runs campaigns across multiple channels, including paid, content, search, and display.

The team has historically relied on last click analytics to measure campaign performance. Dylan came from an attribution based marketing background and was keen to introduce more analytical interpretation to their marketing campaigns.


The Solution

By adding Ruler’s solution to their website and integrating all channel data, CircleLoop was able to accurately track all visitors to their website and attribute all conversions to the relevant marketing channel, campaign and keyword that generated them.

Not only this, but Ruler also passes conversion data back to Google Analytics to assist in reporting on revenue.

Dylan remarked, “Ruler has assisted us to look deeper at our campaigns, particularly across display.

By matching our signups to display interactions; the team can bring post impression and retargeting statistics into play to give a true value to campaigns that were traditionally over-reported on a post view basis by traditional marketing channels.”


The Results

By utilising Ruler, CircleLoop can now measure the impact of both their organic and paid activity and how they interact, with visibility of which landing pages, referrers and content are playing a key role in driving both site visits and sales.

For us, Ruler provides a single source of truth that allows us to ensure deeper lying pages of their website get both the traffic and recognition they deserve. Optimisation of campaigns and landing pages since introducing Ruler has seen a 155% year on year increase in conversion rates, with 54% increase in conversions attributed to Google Paid activity.

Dylan noted, “Before utilising Ruler we were reliant on traditional reporting tools which often provided conflicting results. We now understand via Ruler which channels were previously overestimated on a last click basis. Ruler Analytics allows us to measure the impact of both our organic and paid activity and how they interact.

“We are able to look at our performance on a first and last click basis to understand which landing pages, referrers and content are playing a key role in driving us both site visits and sales.

By looking beyond the last click, we can see the role a campaign plays in an attribution based model. We are able to see where a sale first initiated. For content marketing, this is a key campaign metric.”

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