How Clickoo use Ruler to evidence effectiveness of paid campaigns

“Access to additional data through Ruler has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and helped us to improve client confidence in our digital strategy.”
Colin Dargue
Paid Media Account Manager

About Clickoo

Clickoo is an international PPC marketing agency of paid search and paid social experts. They support clients across a range of industries, languages and channels to drive leads and sales through paid channels.

We spoke to Colin Dargue, Paid Media Account Manager, on how integrating Ruler has supported the team to evidence their impact.

The Challenge

The issue with paid media channels is being able to assign value to digital campaigns. Tracking offline conversions, in particular, was an issue, as it meant Clickoo couldn’t fully prove their impact.

Colin added, “Upper funnel marketing strategies are particularly tricky to track. While we know paid media is an effective route to starting customer journeys, evidencing that is difficult.”

The Solution

The Clickoo team integrated Ruler’s call tracking software for a few of their clients.

Colin added, “Through Ruler’s call tracking we have been able to assign additional value to our campaigns for clients who previously did not track phone calls, and first click vs last click conversion analysis has been beneficial to our discussions with clients around the value that broader marketing channels are having on our lower funnel strategies.”

By using our call tracking software, the team have been able to track each and every conversion and attribute it back to the referring channel or campaign.

The Results

Ruler Analytics call tracking software allowed Clickoo to evidence their impact on their client accounts. And one client even increased investment year on year by 10% following more clarity on the impact of Clickoo’s work thanks to Ruler’s implementation.

Colin said, “The addition of phone tracking has naturally helped to improve our CPA, however, it has also unlocked additional spend. Access to additional data has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and helped us to improve client confidence in our digital strategy. This has in turn encouraged them to increase investment.

With increased visibility on channel performance and increased justification for maintaining spend into broader strategies, we’ve been able to diversify our offering and ensure our clients are on the channels that drive sales.

Ruler has helped provide more clarity on how our more upper-funnel strategies are influencing conversions and gives us a stronger indication of whether our leads are of high quality. This is based on the number of sessions on site/pages viewed before a lead form being submitted, or the amount of time the user spends on the phone if they call. These insights have been particularly useful when dealing with clients who experience challenges internally in acquiring these insights, either due to poor internal systems or workload challenges.”