How Croner used Ruler to make informed decisions on their marketing

About Croner

Croner offers HR, employment law and health & safety advice, consultancy and software, serving thousands of businesses in the UK.

We spoke to James, Digital Marketing Manager at Croner, to find out how Ruler Analytics has supported him and his team to develop their digital offering.

The Challenge

Croner uses offline sales techniques to convert web leads into clients. Given the nature of their work, they field large quantities of phone calls, form submissions and even live chat conversations. Tracking these interactions and understanding the impact of digital marketing on lead generation, and offline sales, was a problem Croner struggled to solve independently.

James commented, “When I joined the Croner team, we were increasing investment in channels such as PPC. However, while we were looking at the leads and revenue month on month from a sales perspective, we were making assumptions regarding where those leads were coming from.”

“We didn’t know exactly how much PPC generated as a channel in terms of revenue. Given the amount of budget we were spending, I wanted to be sure we understood the return on investment (ROI) and return on advertising spend (ROAS) in real terms.”

The Solution

Ruler Analytics initially supported Croner with call tracking. This solution allowed the team to track and record inbound calls then attribute them to the channels which influenced them.

However, this wasn’t in-depth enough for James.

“I wanted to segment our deals and our revenue by channel. Tracking calls allowed us to understand impact on inbound calls, but we used other methods to generate leads. So, while we understood our traffic, we didn’t know our true return on investment before we began using Ruler’s marketing analytics tool.

“I’m passionate about marketing attribution and so full visibility of our marketing channels and their impact on our bottom line via Ruler was a sure way to understand what was working, and what wasn’t.

“Internally, we have a lot of resources working to improve our site’s organic performance. Content production is a big focus at the moment and while we’re not investing budget, we are investing from a resource perspective. Using tools like Google Analytics can help you understand traffic but using Ruler we can now track qualified leads by channel. While organic search drove 60% of our traffic, we found this channel was only responsible for 30% of our leads. That identified a clear opportunity for us to improve our site.

“Most importantly though is the ability to give feedback to the Ruler team. It’s never been a case of this is it—like it or lump it. Ruler works with us to find the data we need, and for me, that’s a big help. It’s brilliant to have close contact with the team and for them to listen to our feedback as an end-user.

“One recent example of this was how the team worked with me to integrate Ruler Analytics and our new live chat functionality. After implementing live chat, we found that we couldn’t attribute leads and revenue by channel and this left us with gaps in the data. However, the team at Ruler quickly installed a solution that now enables us to see these interactions and understand which channels are generating live chat conversations, leads and revenue.”

The Results

“Using Ruler Analytics, we were able to identify that 26% of revenue was attributed to Google Ad spend. That data wasn’t visible to us before, so we didn’t have true oversight of what was working for us.”

And data visibility isn’t the only problem Ruler has helped Croner solve:

“Ruler Analytics has allowed us to make more informed decisions about our marketing. We now know which campaigns and which keywords are bringing the most revenue. We can use real ROAS to move our budget into the campaigns that work, so our impact is growing and growing.

“Particularly for our PPC campaigns, it’s saved a lot of wasted budget and our ROAS has improved. August 2020 saw our record month for revenue via PPC, which saw an amazing 80% increase in ROAS month on month.”

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