How Ruler shines a light on revenue generation for Embryo clients

"I would recommend Ruler Analytics to any business that wants 100% clarity on how and where it gets its revenue.”
Charlotte Fallon
Account Director

About Embryo

Embryo is a leading marketing agency supporting clients with everything from SEO and digital PR to PPC and web design. 

We spoke to Charlotte Fallon, Account Director, to learn more about how the Embryo team use Ruler as part of the client work. 

The Challenge

Embryo works with a range of different clients, many of those dealing with lead generation as opposed to direct eCommerce. 

This poses a challenge for many marketers, particularly those working in an agency setting. It can be tricky to connect the dots between revenue and marketing but it’s not something an agency can afford to get wrong. 

“We want to be able to show our value in a more quantifiable way than just the number of leads a client gets.” 

The Solution

The team at Embryo were previously using a different tool but found it didn’t quite have the features they needed. 

They moved over to Ruler and implemented the tracking code to their clients websites to be able to connect revenue from their CRM back to previous marketing touchpoints.

“Ruler Analytics plays a key role in our reporting, it allows us to report on closed businesses as opposed to just the leads a client gets. Being able to say “you earned X amount of revenue as a result of our digital marketing campaigns” is far more impactful than just giving them the number of leads from a given month. 

“Even better, we can also link Ruler Analytics up to a CRM or import offline data,  so we can track an entire sale and discover which keyword they came to the business from, and from what channel. 

“This helps us show the value of investing in marketing and which specific marketing activity is driving not just leads but sales. 

“A valued client of ours, Sheridan Lifts, which is part of Sheridan Group, had not, before Ruler Analytics, been able to truly track the return on investment of their search campaigns. “The team at Sheridan Lifts knew they were getting leads from their campaigns but, crucially, didn't know how much revenue they were getting from said leads - a problem, clearly. 

“Having briefed Sheridan on Ruler Analytics' capabilities, it now sits at the heart of their business operations and gives them complete transparency over leads and revenue generated from them.

The Results 

“Ruler Analytics allows us to invest in the right channels and create effective campaigns that deliver results for our clients.

"As an agency that passionately believes in the benefits of a multi-channel strategy, Ruler enables us, and thus, our clients, all of the different touch points that a website user may have engaged with before converting. This data helps us to identify the best place for them to further invest in existing or new channels. 

“From an agency perspective, we’ve been able to increase our budgets for SEO and PPC as we’ve been able to prove the value of these channels and justify a larger spend based on providing clients with the true value of their marketing activities.”