How Ruler helped Propel Digital profitably scale up their monthly fee

“The client is happy as it’s a time and cost efficient way of driving qualified leads, and we’re happy as we’ve profitably scaled up the monthly fee of our client by around 10x.”
Robert Simpkins

About Propel Digital

Propel Digital is a PPC and performance marketing agency based in London supporting clients with paid channels including social, display, search and video. Propel is essentially an outsourced marketing department for their client PF Financial, and they bear all costs in their marketing efforts such as website, content, PPC etc.
We spoke to Robert Simpkins, Director at Propel Digital, to find out how Ruler has supported his team and their work with PF Financial.

The Challenge

Propel Digital work with a number of clients. But for this particular client, the team didn’t want to integrate a new CRM tool. The client was averse to introducing more complicated tech that they wouldn’t be able to use.

Robert commented “The client was tracking leads manually which left data missing. A lot of the data gathered was also quite unreliable, as it was relying on customers and clients to accurately understand how they found the business. We wanted to better understand lead generation and the marketing channels that were working.

Given we had decided not to use a CRM to manage leads, we had to find another option. We needed to pull all lead data into a tool the client was comfortable with, and so we enlisted Ruler to help us set everything up on Google Sheets.”

Propel Digital were spending budget on marketing outputs for their clients and so wanted clear visibility on how that was impacting leads. From investing time in content creation to assigning money to paid campaigns across paid and social, the team needed to properly understand which channels and campaigns were driving leads. More importantly, they wanted to understand which were driving sales.

The Solution

Propel Digital installed Ruler’s simple code onto their website. The Ruler team set up all the integrations so that Propel could get the data they needed.

Robert added, “Ruler was a key tool for us as we needed a simpler process for identifying leads, and marking them as “qualified” or “failed”. That’s exactly what Ruler provided us. It allowed us to get the data we needed, where we needed it most.

Ruler is able to identify the traffic source (Google, Bing etc.), website source (live chat, web form etc.) and personal details of the lead, which enables us to get paid by the client every time we drive a qualified lead through the website. We’re also able to pass the data back into the ad buying platforms to optimise to qualified leads, leading to a higher ROI overall.”

The Results

The integration of Ruler with Propel Digital’s client has allowed the team greater visibility of their lead data. It’s also allowed them to better understand how channels and content are working. Beyond that though, it allowed the team to optimise their campaigns, to help drive more leads and conversions.

Robert commented, “Having worked with two other call tracking providers in previous roles, Ruler came out on top by a long way due to the flexible and agile nature of their service. Ruler has helped us put a robust measurement process in place, which enables us to offer a unique service to our clients where they only pay for qualified leads driven by our marketing efforts. The client is happy as it’s a time and cost efficient way of driving qualified leads, and we’re happy as we’ve profitably scaled up the monthly fee of our client by around 10x.

This was a brand new proposition we were offering our client, and without Ruler we wouldn’t have been able to put a reliable system in place for tracking leads, classifying them and ultimately getting paid. This is a new service offering that we’ll be looking to scale up in 2021 in collaboration with Ruler, so there are exciting times ahead.”