How Rally used Ruler to get visibility of lead source to optimise paid advertising

“Ruler has allowed us to find what works and double down on it.”
Kurt Dunphy
Growth Manager

About Rally

Rally is a tool for lawyers that helps them get work done faster. It provides a streamlined end-to-end workflow, from client questionnaires to drafting automation, to the delivery of work.

The Challenge

Rally relies on paid digital marketing to drive a large percentage of traffic to their website, which then turn into new leads and customers. The issue Rally had was connecting leads to sales, to find out which channels, campaigns, and even ads, produced the most results.

At first, Kurt was manually working out where leads originated from with a mixture of screen record tools and analyzing daily results on ad platforms, creating a massive spreadsheet of leads to be tracked. But, as the company scaled and leads increased, this became impossible to achieve.

“Manually attributing leads became a full-time job on its own and it wasn’t completely reliable. I was counting on gathering data from multiple sources and trusting that it was accurate.”

The Solution

Kurt searched online for an attribution solution that would allow him to automatically track lead source. “Since we were putting considerable spend into paid campaigns, I wanted to find a solution that would automatically track every new lead and attribute it back to the influencing channel, campaign, ad and even keyword.”

“Attribution is king. Without it, we’re in muddy water. Ruler paints the picture for our marketing team. It tells us who’s converting, where they’re coming from and which ads are working.”

By integrating Ruler Analytics with his website and marketing tools, Kurt and the team at Rally now have full visibility of where leads and sales have originated from.

The Results

“We’re still an early-stage company that’s nailing their product-marketing fit. For us, we want to hit the people who are the right fit for us and will stay on as clients for a longer period. Ruler helps us hone in on our ROI for an individual channel and campaign. We can confidently know which ads are bringing in the right clientele. Without it, it’s a shot in the dark. But with it, I can build a list of our clients and which source they came from. From there, we can turn ads off based on product fit and return.

“The hardest part of being a marketer is proving your impact. We want to grow aggressively so we want to spend efficiently.

“We’ve used Ruler as our North Star. For us, we’ve found one or two things that have really driven growth. Ruler has allowed us to find what works and double down on it. A lot of what has driven success is the fact that I can attribute our results. If I couldn’t, it would be very difficult to say what’s working.

“When leads start coming in, you don’t always know who’s coming from where (or which campaign or ads). But with Ruler in place, I can be confident in our monthly marketing meetings by having a clearer picture of what is creating revenue for the company. This simplifies our decision making as I don’t have to read tarot cards; the data is all in front of me.

“Using Ruler, you don’t have to be technically minded. Any marketer can jump straight into attribution. Anyone can pick it up and do it.”

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