How Totalmobile used Ruler to increase ROAS by 23% across their digital landscape

“Ruler has allowed us to streamline our entire digital dashboard by allowing us to track goals more relevant to our business."
Stephen Taylor
Head of Digital

About Totalmobile 

Totalmobile offers field service and mobile workforce solutions to support organisations deliver exceptional services at a reduced cost. Based across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile support over 1,000 organisations deliver more service. 

We spoke to Stephen Taylor, Head of Digital at Totalmobile to find out how Ruler Analytics has supported them with their digital marketing. 

The Challenge

Stephen, like many other B2B marketers, works to drive leads through his marketing. With that comes a number of challenges. From long sales cycles to hard-to-track conversions, linking your revenue data to your marketing is complicated. 

Stephen said, “We know how crucial the data you get from attribution tools can be to justifying marketing spend.

“Attribution data is incredibly important data to track. It’s important to know what exact metrics within that set are most relevant to your business.” 

Tracking the right metrics isn’t easy for every marketer. Return on investment, or return on ad spend can be difficult to track given it can be hard to link leads from PPC to closed sales. 

The Solution

Stephen found the solution to connecting anonymous website visitors to inbound leads to closed sales. Marketing attribution. 

The Totalmobile team implemented Ruler Analytics to track calls, forms and live chat and link their CRM to their website and analytics tools. 

“We use Ruler to evidence the ROI on our marketing spend, mostly via SEO, search ads and social ads.  We know we have varying lengths of sales lifecycles, so it has been great to evidence what channels and campaigns are truly driving revenue since implementing Ruler.  

ROI is an important metric for most businesses. But tracking it isn’t always easy so marketers resort to relying on metrics like number of clicks, leads and conversion rate. 

Stephen added, “Ruler has allowed us to streamline our entire digital dashboard by allowing us to track goals more relevant to our business." By tracking the right goals, you can better understand what’s working and optimise accordingly. 

The Results 

Totalmobile have seen great results since implementing Ruler Analytics into their marketing stack. 

“We have been able to increase our ROAS by 23% across our digital landscape. This has been achieved as Ruler solved a key pain point which was simply evidencing which digital channels were working, which needed optimising and which we no longer should invest budget into.

“An example of this would be with paid social, we were spending a portion of our budget on promoted posts, which always provided good numbers of leads.  Ruler enabled us to look further into the journey of these visitors, over a long period of time, which let us see the final conversion percentage of lead to opportunity was much lower than some of our other channels.  We were then able to invest that budget into the better-performing channels instead which led to a higher return on ad spend.”

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