Active Campaign

Better track your marketing campaigns by connect Ruler and Active Campaign

Overview of integration

Active Campaign is a comprehensive marketing tool that allows users to test email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and more. It allows users to create bespoke capture and nurture campaigns to better to drive leads and sales for their business. 

Integrating Ruler and Active Campaign is a way to better track the impact of your marketing activity as you can more effectively track marketing touchpoints. It means you can point sales back to marketing activity like emails.

Key benefits

Active Campaign is an all rounder when it comes to testing new lead and capture campaigns in marketing. You can use it as a CRM, create email sequences, play with lead scoring and more. 

With Ruler and Active Campaign integrated, you can better connect your pipeline back to your marketing touchpoints. It’ll help you calculate your marketing ROI. 

Attribution is essential for any marketer, but coordinated with Active Campaign, you can optimise your budget and your time. 

Some other key benefits include: 

  • An aligned view of your sales and marketing data
  • Bottom line data on how ads drive revenue
  • Empowered marketing team with data on ad performance
  • Visibility of impact of marketing activity across the sales cycle

Key features

Tracking offline conversions

Do your sales tend to come from phone calls, live chat sessions or form submissions that result in emails or store visits?

Our tracking software will monitor each touchpoint within every customer journey and attribute those offline conversions to the marketing channel or campaign that influenced them.


Optimised strategy 

Marketers can often fall into the lead generation trap. If a marketer is seen to be driving a lot of leads, then they’re doing a good job. But the reality is, a lead doesn’t equal revenue. 

You could potentially be driving hundreds of poor-quality leads which not only wastes your time and budget, but it also wastes your sales team’s time too. 

With an attribution tool, you can still track inbound leads, but you can see that number against sales and revenue too. This means you get an understanding of what’s driving high-quality leads, so you can improve your strategy.