Bespoke or Industry CRM

Get a comprehensive picture of your sales pipeline with Ruler Analytics

Overview of integration

Whichever Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform you prefer, you can make sure that all the relevant lead generation and engagement data is captured and analysed with Ruler Analytics.

Connecting Ruler Analytics with your CRM of choice allows you to seamlessly transfer important data such as web forms, phone calls or live chat. As such, you will enrich your sales pipeline with marketing attribution data and get a better picture of your customers.

Ruler Analytics has over 60 marketing variables across multiple touch points such as GCLID, landing page, keyword, First/Last Click marketing source page, views and sessions. You can also trace back to view the lead's page journey through your website.

Ruler also feeds your deal and sales information back into the Ruler Dashboard and in your preferred marketing platforms, which include Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising. Your sales and marketing teams will have an end-to-end view of your customers

Revamp your digital marketing strategy to include only your most profitable campaigns. You will see an associated revenue generated by customers with each marketing platform. This helps justify any increase in marketing budget based on proven results.

Key benefits

  • Sales and marketing data aligned in a single view
  • Empower sales team with lead intelligence
  • Evidence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to drive both leads and revenue
  • Visibility of impact of marketing activity across the sales cycle
  • Close the loop between marketing and sales

Key features


Get all the information about your lead through a single pane of glass. Ruler’s integration capabilities collates all information for your sales and marketing teams.


Steer away from business-meaningless data such as the number of links clicked. If your priority is to maximize your revenue, Ruler associates a specific figure to each one of your marketing campaigns.


By associating revenue with marketing campaigns, you will be able to make direct correlations between your most successful campaigns and revamp your digital marketing strategy to maximize return on investment.