MIcrosoft (Bing) Ads

Track offline sales and attribute revenue from Microsoft Ads with Ruler

Overview of integration

Microsoft Ads is a great advertising option to get your product or service in front of a targeted audience. Often hailed as a cheaper alternative to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads is a must for anyone hoping to boost traffic and conversions through paid advertising.

Microsoft Ads are increasingly being used by marketers, but connecting paid sessions to wider customer journeys is still a challenge for most.

Let's learn how integrating Ruler with your Microsoft Ads account can help fill this gap.

Key benefits

Users don't always land on your ad and convert right away. Sometimes, it takes one or hundred more touchpoints for them to revisit and close into a lead or a sale.

And connecting the dots between those steps is difficult. Your data is siloed into different platforms making it impossible to connect anonymous website visitors driven by a paid visit to a lead in your CRM.

But with Ruler in place, you can solve that disconnect. You'll be able to:

  • Automatically attribute closed revenue back to the correct campaigns, ads and even keywords directly in Microsoft Ads
  • Track every sale, even those that occur offline and attribute them back
  • Use multiple attribution models to better understand how paid advertising with Microsoft impacts the customer journey
  • Accurately measure your digital marketing ROI 
  • Optimise your marketing based on which campaigns, ads and keywords drive the most revenue, not leads

Key features

Get a true ROAS

How many times do you set an ad live, and wonder about the impact of offline sales? If your website visitors can convert offline, then you need offline conversion tracking that will allow you to monitor the true impact of your ads.

Identify opportunities for growth

With clear and accurate ROI and ROAS, you'll be able to easily identify which campaigns, ads and even keywords, are bringing the most sales in. From there, you can make easy data-driven decisions to maximise your growth

View full impact of paid ads

Even if you're in eCommerce, a user won't click your ad and convert right away. And with a short attribution window, you need users to convert quickly to be able to credit it accurately. But, with Ruler, you can credit the influencing channels whether it takes a user a week, or a year to convert.