Integrate CallRail with Ruler for greater lead visibility

Overview of integration

CallRail allows you to understand the entire customer journey and gauge the effectiveness of specific marketing touchpoints and calls to action based on user behaviours.

Key benefits

The integration with CallRail allows you to get deeper insights into your form and phone call tracking. Once activated, you’ll get a full view of your inbound leads and customers and be able to connect data that was previously locked away in the respective tools.

You'll be able to:

- Get a full customer journey view

- Track and attribute inbound calls

- Attribute revenue to the influencing marketing channels

Key features

Using Webhooks between CallRail and Ruler Analytics, CallRail can trigger a post-call webhook to Ruler Analytics to upload the call as an event. 

Using the Google Client Id (GCLID), Ruler is then able to attribute the call to the original visitor and their journey on site. 

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