Learn the most efficient lead generation methods with Ruler Analytics and Capsule

Capsule is a Customer Relationship Management application which provides a seamless lead nurturing experience and sleek design. Capsule offers great visibility of all your pipelines, both at a high level and a low level. Every element is easy to annotate label, annotate, and move around.


Enhance your contact’s information in Capsule CRM with Ruler Analytics’ seamless integration. You will have access at your fingertips about your contact’s engagement preferences. All lead generation activity is recorded, such as website interaction, First/Last Click marketing source, keywords, GLCID and number of visits. 

Improve the decision making journey of your sales team by offering them a more in-depth profile of their leads. To help your sales specialists in their pipeline, Ruler Analytics offers key information about their leads such as recorded phone calls, website visits and link clicks.

Ruler also retrieves data from Capsule about the won deals, the milestones and any logs stored in the CRM and send it back to the marketing platforms. As such, you will have end-to-end customer acquisition visibility, from the initial engagement to the won deal. 

This allows you to clearly measure and report on the return on investment for your marketing campaigns. Ruler Analytics provides  the revenue generated through each marketing platform, removing and speculation and guesswork in your digital marketing strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Sales and marketing data aligned in a single view
  • Empower sales team with lead intelligence
  • Evidence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to drive both leads and revenue
  • Visibility of impact of marketing activity across the sales cycle
  • Close the loop between marketing and sales

How Ruler integrates with Capsule


With over 60 marketing variables, Ruler retrieves your customer’s first interactions, including page visits, completed forms, keywords and phone call sources.


Trace back your revenue per customer to the lead generating channels. You will be able to map a specific revenue figure for your marketing campaigns. Use this information to invest into the most profitable ones and divest from the others.


With a clear revenue figure per marketing campaign, you will be able to clearly state the impact that your digital marketing strategy has over the overall success of your sales process.





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