Gauge the success of your Drift live chat sessions using Ruler Analytics’ conversion data

Drift, a powerhouse application came to market offering live chat and now offers businesses a multitude of ways to grow sales. From sales videos to engaging sales-led emails, Drift is supporting businesses who rely on sales teams to get the most out of their digital marketing.


Ruler Analytics easily integrates with Drift, allowing you to monitor the performance of your live chat and its role in driving users from viewer to customer. You can monitor sales chats happening through live chat, and use them as training opportunities.

You will be able to track live chat sessions, including which channels drive the most sessions, and understand what impact live chat has on conversion rate as we can attribute live chat through multi-attribution models.

This all means you can grow your understanding of your marketing impacts, and optimise your campaigns to drive sessions that you know will result in conversions.

Key Benefits

Understand live chat usage; sales or customer service
Find training opportunities for sales staff that aren’t converting as frequently
Understand the role live chat has within a full customer journey
Optimise your marketing to drive sessions that will result in more conversions
Calculate your true marketing ROI




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