Google Ads

Close the Loop to send Revenue back to Google Ads
Overview of integration

Google Ads is a tool that allows businesses to become advertisers. Using pay-per-click, display or other advertising forms, businesses can reach targeted audiences based on search intent.

Integrating with Ruler allows those advertisers to optimise their ad campaigns, and allows you to get more for your money.

Ruler Analytics, an official Google technology partner, allows you to integrate call tracking and marketing attribution directly into your paid campaigns within Google Ads.

By tracking users on your website, Ruler collects data until a user becomes a lead. At that point, Ruler fires the data held on that lead into your CRM.

Then, at the point of sale, Ruler's passes all of the revenue data back into back into Google Ads. So even if your campaigns generate offline conversions, they support another part of a customer journey to becoming a customer, or you tend to see long sales cycles, Ruler can still track your impact.

Key Benefits
How Ruler integrates with
Google Ads

Calculate your true Return on Ad Spend

Not sure what your return on ad spend is? If you rely on offline conversions, or tend to see customers need a long sales cycle, then we're not surprised. But even if you're a full ecommerce company, you're missing data.

Paid campaigns are great throughout the buyer's journey, but if they don't convert directly as a result of your ad, then that sale goes unattributed.

Ruler Analytics will track every touchpoint so you can see the true ROAS of your ad campaigns.

Tracking Offline Conversions

Do your sales tend to come from phone calls, live chat sessions or form submissions that result in emails or store visits?

Our tracking software will monitor each touchpoint within every customer journey and attribute those offline conversions to the marketing channel or campaign that influenced them.